Attacks and weapons

Jouchaku Process
This is what Retsu uses to transform into Gavan. When Gavan shouts "Jouchaku," the Dolgiran sends particles of Granium to form Gavan's combat suit in 0.05 seconds.

Vacuum Evaporation
Gavan uses this to transform back into Retsu, as his combat suit returns to the Dolgiran.

Laser Z Beam
One of Gavan's weapons. To use it, Gavan uses his right and middle fingers to release small blue laser triangles to destroy a monster.

Silver Beam
A lightning-like beam emanating from Gavan's right hand that he uses to strike enemies.

Laser Blade
Gavan's mighty sword which is at first normal, with a steel blade. He later transforms it into a light blue blade, which is required to perform the Gavan Dynamic.

Gavan Dynamic
This is Gavan's finishing move which he performs to destroy the monster by slicing him in two with his powerful laser blade.

Gavan Punch
This is one of Gavan's basic moves, which is a powerful punch.

Gavan Kick
Another of Gavan's basic moves, which is a powerful right leg kick used while jumping.

Dimension Bomber
A technique Gavan uses against Crushers. It consists of flying and giving many punches as possible.

Laser Scope
A radar device that Gavan uses to detect invisible monsters.

Electro Sonar
A sonar device which enables Gavan to detect any movement and sound in the area.

Spiral Kick
To execute this, Gavan jumps on monsters and henchmen with his feet forward.

Gavan's shield; a magnetic blue barrier he uses to stop objects and projectiles.


Gavan's main spaceship and mobile headquarters in which he and Mimi patrol the Earth and protect it from the Makuu. It is composed of a giant weaponed saucer and a body which transforms into a dragon. The Jouchaku Process is also possible thanks to a computer on board, which sends the Granium particles. It contains a giant screen through which Gavan can communicate with Commander Qom and with all of his vehicles.

Gavan's personal vehicle, which he uses to enter Makuu space. When he calls for it, this red Suzuki motorcycle with side car and flashing lights at the front comes from the Dolgiran to Gavan's current location. He occasionally uses it when fighting Makuu on Earth.

Electronic Starbeast Dol
Dol forms from the second part of the Dolgiran and becomes a powerful mechanical dragon which supports Gavan. Gavan commands Dol from a place on its head. Gavan uses Dol mostly to destroy Makuu spacecraft. Its attacks include Dol Fire (Dol breathes out fire from its mouth), Dol Kick (uses its front feet to clamp down pesky fighters), Dol Laser (laser beams from Dol's eyes), and Tail Attack (Dol's tail whipping fighters attacking from behind).

Gavan's private tank, only used in the final battles. Like Dol, he stands up on the tank and commands it. This heavy vehicle is quite deadly thanks to all its lasers and cannons. Scooper is contained inside.

Gavan's drill machine. He uses it to save Professor Kaminaga, to find hidden monsters, and to locate his father.