She is the only daughter of Commander Qom, and Gavan's assistant. She uses a pendant which is also a visual illusion device. With her "Laser Vision," she can transform into a budgerigar to spy on the Makuu. She is in love with Gavan but would support him in any case. She leaves the Dolgiran to help her mother on Bird Planet, to return in later battles to continue helping Gavan.

Commander Qom
He is the commander of Galactic Union Patrol and the father of Mimi. He lives on Bird Planet and helps Gavan, giving him information and training him to beat the Makuu. He and Gavan can communicate through a giant screen on the Dolgiran.

She is Commander Qom's assistant. She was ready to save Gavan's life when he was almost killed by the poison of the Dokuja Monster. She became Gavan's second assistant in Mimi's absence.

Gavan's father; he was a former space sheriff of Earth, betrayed by his fellow Hunter Killer and captured by the Makuu. He was forced to build the Hoshino Space Cannon, a weapon that can destroy a planet, but he kept the blueprints a secret even after being tortured. He was saved from imprisonment by his son Gavan. He was brought back to Dolgiran but died soon after, with the secret blueprint for the cannon written on the palm of his hand.

He comes to Earth to get a princess back to his planet. He is dressed like a cowboy and saves Gavan when San Doruba arrives on Earth.

Den Iga / Sharivan
He is a forest patrolmen. His fighting technique is not enough to defeat Buffalo Doubler, and he is nearly killed during their fight. He is sent to the Bird Planet to be cured, and comes back in the final battle to replace Gavan as Uchuu Keiji Sharivan.

Tsukiko Hoshino
She is Gavan's adopted sister and was brought up by Voicer when her parents were killed by Hunter Killer. She is a very sweet girl who assists Gavan in his missions.

Kojiro Oyama
This is a photographer whose obsession is UFOs; he created a machine that is able to detect them. He met Gavan and from them on, the two keep crossing each other's paths. He occasionally works at the Avalon Club to replace Retsu. He also befriends Wakaba and Yuuichi.

The kind grandfather and owner of the Avalon Club whose greatest wish is to get his young body back. Though he feels sympathy towards Gavan (who he knows as Retsu), he is often angered about his frequent disappearances.

Wakaba and Yoichi
Gosuke's grandchildren. They both live at the Avalon Club and they sometimes happen to be in the middle of the Makuu schemes. They have developed a strong friendship with Retsu and Kojiro.