The Other Dimension
Airdate: October --, 2011

As the Gokaiger sit down to eat, a little pink robot falls from a dimensional hole and onto the ship. Both Marvelous and the robot ask each other who they are.

The pink robot introduces himself as Bomper, the assistant to the Engine Sentai Go-onger, which Gai explains fought, with mecha-like partners called Engines, the polluting Gaiark. He explains about the different dimensions to the world and asks to be taken to someone. That someone is Sosuke Esumi, formerly Go-on Red.

After Bomper and Sousuke reunite, Bomper explains that a surviving member of Gaiark, Disruption Officer Chirakashizky, in Gunman World. The Engines tried to defeat him but were themselves taken out.

As Sosuke rallies the Gokaiger to save Gunman World, Marvelous questions why, as the Gunman World's conflict had nothing to do with him or his crew, who didn't consider themselves heroes. Angry, Sosuke leaves with Bomper. As he leaves, the Gokaiger realize Sosuke never asked for the Go-on Red Key back.

The Gokaiger watch as Sosuke (comically) attempts to get through the hole. Even as Bomper tells Sosuke that he can't save Gunman World alone, Sosuke refuses to give up. The Gokaiger ask why Sosuke was so desparate to help a World that doesn't affect him or his Engine partners, to which Sosuke explains it was also about protecting people. With that, Marvelous agrees to take Sosuke and Bomper. As the Gokai Galleon leaves, a monster that looks like a member of Gaiark watches on.

They arrive in Gunman World to find it deserted. This changes when they find some townspeople terrorized by Ugatz. Sosuke tries to fight them himself, but the Gokaiger join in as well, surprising Sosuke

They henshin. As Sosuke and Gokai Silver take the townspeople to safety, the five main Gokaiger fight the Ugatz, as Battle Fever J…

And as Dengeki Sentai Changeman. As the Ugatz are defeated, Bomper and Sosuke find Speedor, BeaRV, and Bus-On.

Enjoying a free meal from the grateful bartender, the three Engines explain what happened, including Speedor and BeaRV getting married. Bus-On grumbling about a Machlcon not helping with the fight reveal that the married Engines had a son, the aforementioned Machlcon who loves racing and is reckless.

Just as Sosuke presses the two Engines on where they went wrong, Chirakashizky comes in and challenges the heroes to a duel with the townspeoples' lives at stake. Marvelous agrees. As he walks away, Marvelous calls Sosuke and Speedor idiots for protecting an alien world, Sosuke points out Marvelous is doing the same. Marvelous smirks as he calls himself an idiot.

On a field, Marvelous and Chirakashizky face each other as Sosuke prepares to flip his coin. He tells the two to shoot when his coin hits the ground as he flips it. However, before the coin hits the ground, Chirakashizky shoots several times, all of which Marvelous deflects. A firing squad of Ugatz prepare to fire on Marvelous until they themselves are shot down by Marvelous' crew.

With Sosuke, Bomper, and the Engines out of the way, the Gokaiger henshin and attack Chirakashizky and his Ugatz. After they defeat the Ugatz, Chirakashizky shoots missiles at the Gokaiger. The smoke clears to show them henshined into the Dekaranger, who then attack. Changing back, they defeat Chirakashizky with Gold Mode and the Gokai Galleon Buster.

The victory is short lived as Chirakashizky has the Gaiark's mode of growing, Industrial Revolution, forcing the Gokaiger to call on Gokaioh and Gouzyu Rex. After both sides have a chance to attack, the five main Gokaiger decide to use the Go-onger's Great Power. All of Gokaioh's doors open…but nothing happen. This lull allows Chirakashizkyto attack the two hero mecha, forcing them become Hurricane Gokaioh and Gouzyujin. This combination succeeds in destroying Chirakashizky.

The Gokaiger ask Sosuke what happened when they tried to use the Go-onger's Greater Power. Before Sosuke can explain, the dimensional hole closes, showing a picture of Pollution President Babatcheed. He explains Chirakashizky was only meant to lure the Gokaiger away so he could take over the Human World while they watch. In the Engine World Machlcon continues to race.

  • Funny episode, and a good one. Sosuke acted just as before, funny and persistent in wanting to help. I also like the start of what looks like Machlcon's story arc. I especially like how it looks like it'll mirror what Marvelous went through. Can't wait for part 2.
  • I like the Engines appearing. Not just because they're great characters, but it also shows that they (and dialogue suggest the other) survive the Legend War. Word of God (learned it from TV Tropes :D) said a lot of mecha were destroyed. For the normal mecha (relatively) that's a painful lost but something to just deal with. However, the thought of losing any of the sentient mecha, like the Ginga Beasts, Burstosaur, and Engines, is just terrible. It's good to know one group made it. Hopefully the other sentient ones are alive too. The non-sentient ones can be repaired and replaced; the sentient ones can't.
  • I know a lot of fans don't like thinking how Speedor and BeaRV had a child but…seriously. We have people instantaneously change into spandex suits fighting aliens, demons, robot, whatever, half of which involves piloting robot vehicles/animals/sentient vehicles, and you're weirded out by two vehicles starting a family? :D No offense, but Sentai is just weird by itself. Baby Engines change little.
  • That said, I like how they handled it, with the Engine VAs handling their characters' love and disappointment in their son. Just elevates, if just a little bit, Gokaiger in particular and Super Sentai in general. I enjoyed (ie. laughed at) Sosuke's reaction to Speedor and BeaRV having a child.
  • I love how the Gokaiger are still iffy on some of the Sentai teams, making Luka's question another good part. If Gai was meant to represent the Sentai fanboy, the other five are definitely represent newcomers, which definitely helps in episodes like this. Yeah, Go-onger is only 3 years old, but that's probably enough for Gokaiger's fans to have never saw Go-onger and for Go-onger's fans to be “too old” for Super Sentai and not appreciate this tribute episode.
  • I liked this episode, but Sosuke did a lot of running away. Yeah, he didn't have his powers, but a lot of returning Legends got a chance to battle if they were pitted against the episode's villain (recent examples being the Liveman and Ohranger episodes). This problem isn't unique to this episode (recent example being the Abaranger episode). It's just insulting to the returning hero. Granted, the actor, Yasuhisa Furuhara, may have gotten rusty (no pun intended) in the 3 years since Go-onger and they didn't have time to bring back up to speed for this guest spot, which already has 6 actors they need showcase before they become the Legends.
  • Finally, great that Battle Fever J and Changeman finally got full Gokai Changes. Who knows how popular they are in Japan, but it's great all the teams got at least a chance to be showcased by the Gokaiger (No idea if all the teams with 6 members got represented after Gai joined).
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