Kamen Rider Decade Episode 25:
Heretic Rider, on Call!

Airdate: 07/19/09

Picking up at the end of Ep 20 of Shinkenger, Takeru tells Tsukasa he knows he is 'Decade' and asks if he plans to destroy the world. The truth is Tsukasa doesn't know much about himself and doesn't deny it might happen.   They are about to henshin to fight, when interupted by the trenchcoat guy Narutaki. He says Decade is to blame for existance of Ayakashi Chinomanako who now has the Diend powers. The foe arrives. Tsukasa's friend Natsumi watches from far away.
Takeru transforms and Chinomanoko calls for Nanashi and fights. Decade is about to transform but Narutaki does some inter-dimensional disturbance and tells him if he got involved in the battle, it will only doom the world. Red has fought the Nanashi to   get to the monster, the fight goes slowy as Narutaki speaks to Tsukasa. Narutaki then disappears. Tsukasa reflects on what Narutaki had said about him being a contaminant and the world expelling him and to 'end' his journey.
Red destroys all the Nanashi with his fire and the fire snags on Tsukasa and the glowing stops. The foe exits. Takeru un-transforms and talks to Tsukasa, saying the monster is not an Ayakashi anymore. He says it's a rider. He asks what he is. He says he is a rider too.   Genta runs in and tries to catch Tsukasa but fails. He knows he is aligned with Daiki, so he wants his Ika back. Tsukasa makes a snide comment and Takeru grabs Genta and holds him back. Natsumi comes in, defends Tsukasa and offers to take him to Daiki. Kuroko watch from behind.
Tsukasa and Natsumi bring Genta and Takeru to the Hikari Studio where Daiki (Diend) and Yuusuke (Kuuga) are. Takeru holds Genta back again. Natsumi's grandpa is making cookies and enters the main room. Jii sees his charge and hides himself.   Meanwhile at the Shiba mansion, the four Vassals wonder where Takeru is. Chiaki ask the Kuroko and Ryuu suspects something. Back at the studio, Yuusuke wants Daiki to return the Ika. Takeru offers a trade, to get the Diendiver from the monster for him.
Daiki still won't give it, he stands up and before Genta can do anything, the other Shinkenger enter. They heard he was kidnapped by a Kamen Rider. Mako is worried they will destroy the world. Daiki takes Tsukasa's camera and says it's a   bomb. He drops the camera in Ryuu's hands, everyone freaks out. Kotoha shields Takeru. Tsukasa clarifies but Ryuu doesn't believe him. Daiki exits with Genta not far behind. Natsumi gets upset with all the shouting, and shouts at them to stop.
She thinks back to Narutaki said and asks them if it really is not good that Kamen Rider Decade is present in their world. He says no matter where they go, it always happens, so where can he be? She then runs into the dark room.   Genta catches up with Daiki when the monster attacks the city. Genta runs over to the monster and Daiki pulls out the cooler from the pond with a rope. Takeru gets a call from Genta and then knows what to do. He grabs the camera from Ryuunosuke.
Takeru hands Tsukasa the camera. The Shinkenger leave, not before the vassals apologize and bow. Yuusuke asks Tsukasa if he wants to go help fight. Tsukasa says that there is no need for riders in this world, not in any world for that matter.   Gold fights the foe when the other Shinkenger arrive. They announce their name and the foe calls for Eagle Undead (Blade) & Moose Fangire (Kiva). Blue & Yellow fight Moose, Pink & Green fight Eagle, and the other two fight Chinomanko.
Back at the studio, Yuusuke decides to go and fight, he exits. Grandpa comes in with drinks but he then notices everyone is gone. Kusakabe thanks grandpa for the hospitality and apologizes if the Shinkenger bothered him.   Grandpa asks Jii if Red is his grandson. He says 'sort of.' Grandpa tells him to stay for refreshments. Jii compares Eijiro to himself as a servant. Tsukasa says it isn't like that, Eijiro does it because he wants to. He says he has to learn from his calmness.
He says he is always worried that the Shinkenger may not come alive. Tsukasa thinks back to the agrument Jii and Takeru had. He opens his camera and changes the film inside. Yuusuke comes into the battlefield and henshins into Kamen Rider   Kuuga and 'Rider Kicks' the main foe. He offers his help, Blue accepts him. The 3 baddies regroup and the 7 go forward and fight them. The 7 are blasted off the building. Tsukasa says you should go back to where people wait for you.
Natsumi has heard this and is at the doorway. He gets up and says it's time for the top-star to show up and then exits. Granpa comes offers Jii a cookie. Natsumi realizes something. The seven are being beaten up. Tsukasa arrives in his bike and   knocks the baddies down. Tsukasa says they sure do need him and then henshins into Decade. He then shoots the three down. The 7 get up to fight and Red & Decade fight the main baddie. Decade Red must win this battle or Jii will cry.
Red asks how he knew and slashes the foe down. Decade says he should let him do what he plans because he is only doing it in order to help him. Red says he doesn't think he is the destroyer of the world. Red says it is a Samurai's guess, saying they have   no intention of kicking him out. Decade thanks him, but he is not planning to stay. The eight heroes re-group. The main baddie calls for Kamen Rider Blade as the eight run in to fight them. Decade fights the foe and Red fights Blade.
Natsumi's grandpa shows Jii how to make cookies and Natsumi remembers how grandpa used to make treats for her. Natsumi goes up to her grandpa and then joins in. She says to herself she doesn't know if Tsukasa will find his world.   Gold, Pink and Green defeat the Moose Fangire. Kuuga, Yellow and Blue defeat the Eagle. Decade becomes Decade Complete and fights together with Red. Decade calls for the Blade upgrade and defeat Chinomanko and Blade.
Decade then changes the foe's Blade into a weapon Blade Blade for Red. Red and Decade exchange weapons, so Decade uses Daizanto. Decade's shadowed card of Daizantou becomes now vivid. They then destroy the Ayakashi Rider together.   Everyone celebrates. Decade returns the katana to Shinken Red. Daiki arrives and thanks Decade for working for him. Genta grabs the Diendriver before Daiki does, so Daiki has no choice but to exchange it for Ika Origami, happy reunion.
Takeru says his goodbye unverbally at the bridge and the two groups go their seperate ways. Yuusuke wonders if they will find their home too. Back at the Shiba Mansion, Takeru and Jii reunite. Jii is happy they are alright. He offers them cookies he made   that looks like all of them. Back at the Hikari Studio, Natsumi waits alone at the steps when Tsukasa arrives. She says that no matter where he goes, this is his home. Inside, Yuusuke and Tsukasa look at the picture he took.
Natsumi shows off the cookies that look like them. Tsukasa eats the Natsumi cookie, saying it looks better than her but should taste better. Kivala wants to know where her cookie is, grandpa says they ran out of cookie dough.   She gets mad at him and starts smacking him on the face, bringing the drape loose and revealing the picture of Crisis Empire spaceship from Kamen Rider Black RX. Everyone turns around to see the scary picture. Tsukasa looks at it determined.

  • The end of Episode 20 of Shinkenger lead into Episode 24 of Kamen Rider Decade. Episode 21 of Shinkenger takes place between Episode 24 and 25. The ending of Episode 21 leads into this episode.
  • Kamen Rider Black RX was adapted into Saban's Masked Rider in 1995.
  • This is the first official teamup between Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Before that, the Power Rangers teamed up with the Masked Rider (Kamen Rider Black RX) in the 1995 3-parter "A Friend in Need."
  • What did the Ayakashi Rider do during Episode 21? Just stand around?