Kamen Rider Decade Episode 24:
Arrival of the Samurai Fighting Force

Airdate: 07/12/09

Last time in Shinkenger Ep. 20, Daiki stole Ika Origami from Genta. Later, Tsukasa (Decade), Yuusuke (Kuuga) and Natsumi Hikari come out of Hikari Studio and are surprised it is now a big two-story house.   Tsukasa has a card of Red's Daizanto on it but he doesn't know that. The silvery dimension wall goes through him and dresses him as a Kuroko. He is upset that he is at such a lower ranking.
Daiki (Kamen Rider Diend) runs and bumps into Tsukasa. He says his job is done in this world, he shows him the cooler and Tsukasa teases him that he stole someone's juice. He tells him it is something he has no way of knowing of.   Daiki says that there is no world that repudiates (refuses) him more than this one and he shocks them when he says it was a world sans (without) Kamen Riders. Genta finds Daiki and he leaps away. Genta follows him.
Natsumi can't believe it, but Tsukasa brushes it off by saying it makes sense that such a world exists. The Nanashi arrive and just when Tsukasa was going to transfrom, the Kuroko arrive and drag Tsukasa along. The Shinkenger arrive.   Ryuunosuke presents Takeru but the others later say it is rather strange to do to just Nanashi with no Ayakashi around. Ryuu thought he'd try it. The Shinkenger than transform and fight the Nanashi. Yuusuke holds Natsumi back for safety.
ShinkenRed makes his Daizanto appear and wipes all the Nanashi away. The Kuroko wrap up and the Shinkenger walk away. Yuusuke is susprised there is a lord in this day in age. The two then realize they lost Tsukasa admist the Kuroko.   Natsumi is bothered, with the idea of loosing Tsukasa and a world without Riders. At the Shiba Mansion, the Shinkenger return. Takeru is upset at Jii. Chiaki says it was easy b/c of the Nanashi. Ryuu smacks him on the head.
Ryuu says they should take Nanashi serious nonetheless. The team sit to eat. Mako wonders why Genta didn't appear. Chiaki says he called him, but he sounded freaked out and didn't understand his message. Tsukasa is intrigued that they are Samurai.   Jii plays it cool but Takeru is clearly mad, Tsukasa notices this. Back at the Hikari Studio, Natsumi's grandpa makes a cookie. He asks if they learned anything about the world. Grandpa says he wants to be a lord too at hearing that there is a lord.
Kivara (from the Kamen Rider Kiva World) says she wants to be a princess. Eijiro compliments her. Natsumi breaks the happy mood by saying that she is disturbed that Tsukasa might disappear. Yuusuke reassures her everything will be alright...   It's not like he will be traveling forever. Grandpa shows her the cookie that looks like her, but she doesn't like it and accidently breaks it. Grandpa (Eijiro) remains positive and says he'll make another. Natsumi leaves.
Daiki continues running from Genta, he sits down and checks on Ika Origami and it shoots ink at him. Genta attacks him too. Daiki transforms into Kamen Rider Diend. Genta asks if he is a Gedoshu.   Diend says his ignorance is pitiful. He calls forth Kamen Rider Scissors and Raia (from Kamen Rider Ryuki). Genta fights them and then transforms into Shinken Gold. Diend gets in the fight as well.
A man in a trenchcoat says that this world will soon have Riders. Scissors and Raia and Gold leap down. Someone else also watches this, Shitari of the Gedoshu. He is concerned about Kamen Rider Diend.   He calls the Ayakashi Chinomanako to follow Daiki/Diend. Meanwhile, Gold destroys Scissors. Chinomanako arrives. Diend shoots the monster & he falls off the brdige. Diend jumps off the bridge.
Diend asks what he wants. The monster blasts towards the 3 & destroys Raia, while Gold & Diend jump out of the way. The monster goes near the cooler and Diend blasts him. Diend grabs the cooler.   The monster grabs Diend's changer/gun from him and points it towards a untransformed Daiki. Genta sees no other choice but to protect Daiki and stands in front of the blast and un-transforms.
The monster exits. The trenchcoat man says it has begun. At the mansion, Jii tells Takeru not to worry about his hip, it's just a chronic infliction. Takeru had told him to go to the hospital. He says he can't leave the mansion if an Ayakashi attacks.   Takeru and Jii have a tiff and Takeru tells him to stay out of Gedoshu business, Jii agrees angerily, after being forced into early retirement. Tsukasa confronts Takeru, saying he was wondering how authoritative he would be, being a lord and all.
Tsukasa says Takeru is surprisingly normal, getting into a cute fight. Takeru counters with asking who he is. Tsukasa takes off his mask, saying he is a Kuroko in training. Yuusuke stumbles in dressed as a Kuroko and Tsukasa trips him.   He grabs him and they exit. Takeru is shocked. Tsukasa scolds and making fun of him. He says he was working at calculated plans to investigate the world. Yuusuke informs him of Natsumi's worries. Tsukasa tells him of the info of the world.
Yuusuke asks him what he is supposed to do in this world, he doesn't know. Just then, Daiki stumbles in. They are blasted at by the Ayakashi. Tsukasa laughs that the robber got robbed. Tsukasa tells Yuusuke to take Daiki home to tend to him.   And they will collect a large debt from him afterwards. Tsukasa transforms into Kamen Rider Decade and fights the Ayakashi. He then transforms into Den-O Sword Form. Shitari watches this, saying about this time, he should have had run out of water.
Tsukasa admits he is a troubling foe. He then transforms into Decade Complete and calls for Den-O in his upgraded form and they conduct a finisher but the monster skips out of it. Tsukasa un-transforms. He looks at the shadowed Daizanto card.   He wonders if defeating the foe is what he is supposed to do. Daiki & Yuusuke arrive at the studio. The foe uses the Diendriver & becomes an Ayakashi Rider & brings forth the Nanashi. The trenchcoat man watches this. The Shinkenger are alerted.

  • The episode introduces Kamen Rider viewers to Shinkenger, not the other way around. Shinkenger fans who do not watch Kamen Rider Decade might be a bit confused.
  • The man in the trenchcoat is a mysterious prophet by the name of Narutaki who makes things difficult for Tsukasa/Kamen Rider Decade.
  • Daiki is Kamen Rider Diend and steals items from the different world they visit.
  • The Decade crew travels through curtains that have portraits of the different dimensions and the Hikari Studio stays the same inside but its outside and surroundings change.
  • Kivala is a female Kivat. Kivats are little mechanical-like bats that help humans transform into Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Kiva. Kivala's alliance is unknwon.
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