Protect Christmas Eve

Protect Christmas Eve
Airdate: December 21, 2008

Birca sums up last week's episode. Kireizuki came out of a bottomless trashcan and sucks the Go-Onger, Go-On Wings and Santa in. Red, Blue and Black land in a Kindergarden classroom that is been taken hostage by two burglets. Meanwhile, Hiroto and Saki are some mysterious foggy subspace where there are ghosts. Hiroto is scared of ghosts and hides like a little scaredy boy. Elsewhere, Hanto, Santa, and Miu are near the shore and Santa has lost his bag.
Santa wants them to help him to find the bag, Hanto wants to go back to stop evil but Miu pushes him aside and agrees to help. Hanto sits on the ground like a little boy but then goes chasing after them. Meanwhile, the Ugat are hanging bombs. Kireizuki will switch them off to cause a huge explosion. Bomper tells everyone of the trouble. Hiroto is still spooked. In a flashback, he explains their grandfather told them scary ghost stories. Since then, it is one of his weaknesses.
Saki encourages him. Miu, Hanto and Santa look for the bag and finds it within trash bags in the garbage truck and it goes away. Miu encourages Santa. Back at school, the theives squash the christmas tree and Sosuke comes after it. They transform into Go-Onger save the day. They say it is against the rules to transform in front of humans. Black bends their guns. Blue wants their names. They take the men away and the kids hug Red. The three go outside and face the Gaiarc.
They attack the Ministers and they disappear. They knock away the trashcan of Kireizuki. He shows them Dokkirium he made and grows big. They make Kyorusetsu. Back at the garbage dump, Santa, Miu and Hanto discover the garbage is being burned. They look through the bags for their bag. Saki knocks out a ghost. She forces Hiroto to smile and encourages him once again. The two beat up the ghosts and they find out they were in an amusement park haunted house.
The Ghosts were actually actors. The Engines fight the foe. The other Engines arrive. Sosuke brings out Speedor and Engine-Oh is formed. Gunbir-Oh Toriptor is formed as well. Hanto suggests to Miu to use her powers. She prays. Hanto and Santa grab hold of her hands. She points at a bag with Santa on it, Hanto moves other bags and they find it. The foe avoids the good guy's finishers. They are taken down and out. The Ugats are done with the preparations.
The three go after him and he shoots them with his last weapon and they go down. The Ugats are about to turn on the device when it is distroyed by Seiku-oh Birca. Miu and Hanto have arrived on time. Santa cheers them down from below. Red takes out Go-Roader. Seiku-Oh and Gunbir-Oh are formed. They do a roll-call. They avoid the foe's attack and they do a group kick. They all attack him at once. All the Engines split and become EngineOh G-12. They destroy his weapon with Go-Roader.
They then finally destroy the Cleaning Minister. The other two Ministers are bummed. They decide to drink then. Kegaleshia gets red on her face. The trash can blinks. At night, the Go-Onger celebrate. They decide to leave the bombs until Christmas is over because they are pretty. Santa thanks them and runs off. Santa says that it is the best Christmas Eve ever because of them. It then begins to snow. They take Santa on the Dino Train.

  • K-Line is in the ending sequence of this one.