The Oni''s Kanabou

The Oni's Kanabou
Airdate: November 05, 2006

The Questers find the Mountain-Crushing Kanadou easily in a cave. Everything starts shaking. They are attacked by the seix transformed Bouknger. They jest that it is hard to tell who is doing the robbing. Yellow says the Precious aren't to be treated as finder's keepers. The Questers blas tthem and leave. The Earth shakes again and Pink then spots a giant peach approaching them in the river. Silver de-transforms and approaches it. He asks for help from Akashi. They grab it and struggle to lift it.
The peach opens up to reveal a baby boy and a sword. Shouta says he knew it. In the street mall, Akashi (with the baby attached) meets up with Eiji who has bought a carriage. Eiji helps Akashi take the baby off. Akashi doesn't know why he has to take care of it. Eiji says the baby believe sthe first person they see as their parent. The baby starts crying and the two men scramble for milk to feed him.
Sakura asks who the baby is, Mr. Voice is sure he is Momotarou. Natsuki reads the Japanese folktale, that says Momotarou is born from a giant peach floating down a river. They focus on the Questers, Shouta heard them talking about yet another robo. Sakura tells them all to split up to track the energy signal to find their base. Akashi is feeding the baby milk and Eiji smells that he needs a diaper change. The baby pees in Akashi's face and they both fall on the ground. Later, they are exhausted.
Akashi wants to name him Tarou, Eiji agrees. He suddenly glows and grows huge, much to the two's surprise. The boy calls Eiji uncle frist and before he can call Akashi dad, Akashi stops him but he does it anyway. Tarou cries. Akashi and Eiji arrive at SGS with Tarou. Sakura asks the child but he is scared and hides behind AKashi. Shouta comes to him with the sword and asks if it is his and what does it mean. He then runs to Eiji's side. Natsuki shows him the book and asks if he is Momotarou.
Tarou goes back to Akashi and he tells them all to take it easy on him because he is just a child. Eiji criticizes the child saying Momotarou wouldn't be a crybaby like him. He says, "Men don't sob uncontrollably. " Tarou apologizes to Eiji and then says he is hungry. Akashi askshim what he wants and he says Kibi Dango, which is part of the legend. Eiji offers him a cucumber. Akashi is concerned that eating raw things like that will effect his body. The two fight over wha the should eat. Shouta says they have completely changed. The little family go to a resturant, Eiji doesn't want Akashi to
baby him. At the store, Akashi gives him a cute outfit but Eiji brings grey outfit, saying a man must be wild. Tarou falls down in the park and starts crying. Akashi tends to him but Eiji wants him to be tough. Eiji grabs the child on his back and run off. Meanwhile, the others can't find anything on the Questers. Just then like clockwork, Quester Robo Radial busts out of a mountain. It uses the Precious to destroy the mountains.
Tarou cries because he knows he has to kill the Oni. Eiji listens from a bench. Akashi tells him no Oni exist in this era. He explains those who steal the Precious are considered Oni, meaning the Questers. He is scared. Akashi tells him not to worry. Eiji approa- ches them and tells Tarou he is pathetic and that Momotarou wouldn't cry, he would kill the Oni. He tells him that if he doesn't like it, he should return to the mountains. Tarou looks down. Eiji kneels down and tells him he should do it if hethinks he has to.
Akashi doesn't think he can defeat the Questers alone. Eiji asks Tarou if he will run or face his destiny. Eiji states that he hate quitters. Tarou then cries. Akashi tells Eiji he went too far, that Tarou is still just a child. Eiji explains thathe was prepared to fight the Ashu since he was a baby. He turns and leaves them. That night at SGS, Tarou reads the book and thinks about what Eiji said. He cloes the book and then holds at the sword. Akashi enters with food and watches the boy.
The next day Akashi is yet again shocked to find Tarou has grown. He grabs his sword as he stands up and tells his father he will exterminate the Oni. Everyone is surprised. Akashi is not taking it well, he approaches the boy carefully. Eiji is standing by the door. Akashi holds Tarou by the shoulders and says, "You're my only... " He then leaves. Eiji is thrilled with his choice. Masumi says they don't know where the Questers are. Tarou says he knows where the Precious is. Eiji is ready to go but
Akashi stops them. Eiji thinks Akashi is still against it. Akashi approaches with a jacket for Tarou which he places on him. Natsuki says Akashi is like a mother. Masumi says he feels sick. Eiji tells them to shut up. He tells them that Masumi, Natsuki, and Shouta are the dog, pheasant, and monkey from the story. Tarou asks who is the Kibi Dango. Eiji volunteers Sakura. She protests. Akashi tells her it can't be helped. Eiji says this time mom and dad are going because the era has changed. Tarou is touched.
In their base, Rei turns on the Quester Robo. Gai tosses him the Precious and it grows huge. The Robo grabs it. Rei joins Gai outside. A voice stops them. It is Tarou. Gai is not impressed, he tells him to vamoose. Eiji approaches and tells them to shut up. Everyone else arrives in support of Tarou to eliminate the 'Oni. '
Masumi presents himself as the dog, Shouta as the monkey, and Natsuki as the pheasant. Sakura is bummed and doesn't say anything. Everyone turns to her. To Natsuki's uruging, she raises the Kibi Dango. Eiji grabs two of them, eats one and gives the other to Tarou. Akashi hands him the Sword and he pulls it out. He goes forward as the others transform. The other four go to destroy the robo. Rei is sent after them. Gai blasts the family out of the cave and down. Eiji encourages Tarou, telling him he isa man.
Tarou slashes Gai twice. Silver tells him to finish him. Tarou is about to but Gai grabs his sword. Gai teases Tarou and slices his sword and pushes him down. He is about to get to him, but that is about it for the dottingparents. They shoot Gai off and pull Tarou up. Tarou runs away. Gai calls the fact that the boy left a punchline. Silver tells Red to take care of it and he is about to go after the boy when Red tells him that no everyone is like him. Silver exists. Gai attacks Red and they continue fighting.
Eiji clamly walks to Tarou, who is crying. Tarou apologizes. Eiji runs to him, apologizing for making him feel pathetic, he didn't mean it. He tells him he has been Tarou ever since he was a baby, not Momotarou, that he shouldn't live up to that, being himself is good enough. He tells him he did good and he is better. Eiji cries on his chest, he is glad. Minewhile Rei is fighting with Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Black.
Red does the Golden Slash attack on Gai with Zuuban. Gai falls next to Rei and the five original Boukenger re-group. The Questers jump into their Robo. The earth shakes and the Boukenger run out of the cave. They gather outside to watch the Quester Robo decimate the mountain. They form DaiVoyager and is hit by the
Robo and Precious. SirenBuilder punches them down. Silver apologizes for taking long. Tarou watches. Robo punches SirenBuilder down. Then DaiVoyager is then slashed down and falls on top of SirenBuilder. Tarou thinks back to what Eiji said to him. Tarou then runs toward them. The Questers lower the Precious towards DaiVoyager but it is obstructed... By the boy himself. Tarou says he is not
Momotarou but he will defeat the Oni. He then proceeds to turn the Precious and the Robo around and around and swings them away. The three robos getup and SB does its Triplicate Bomber attack. DaiVoyager finishes the Robo off and the Questers leap out. Tarou catches the Precious, which has returned to its normal size.
Later, Akashi fixes Tarou clothes. Tarou says he is going to return the Kanabou to the shrine. Eiji asks what will happen to him. He says because his mission is done, he will return to the mountain. Eiji tells him not to cry anymore and hands him a cuccumber. Tarou holds back the tears and says, "You two are like my father. " He munches on the veggie like Eiji and walks off. Akashi starts crying and bends over the river. Tarou
becomes the peach again and floats away in the river. Eiji sighs and turns around. Natsuki asks if he is lonely. Masumi teases him that he might be crying. Eiji shrugs it off and says he is relieved he is gone. Shouta thinks he is putting up a front. Akashi is still crying. Sakura wonders if he will return back to normal. Eiji splashes water on Akashi. He tries to help him off but Akashi brushes him off and he falls in the river.

  • Quester Robo Radial (Advance) is based onDenjiman's DaiDenjin.
  • The Japanese folktale of Momotarou is highlighted in this episode.
  • None of the footage or props from this episode were used for "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. "
  • There are obvious similarities between Tarou and Eiji, I am glad they were addressed and for Eiji, it was a like a mirror to his face.
  • It was refreshing that Akashi took the position as mother without hesitation.
  • There are a lot of issues of social expectations for men that can be analyazed.
  • The infant in the beginning is clearly female.