Feng-Shui Trap

Feng-Shui Trap
Airdate: September 03, 2006

The five Boukenger are marching to visit Chinsuuko, the Feng Shui master, when Natsuki is checking her fortune on her Accellular. Masumi says Akashi wll have a bad one, Akashi clears up that he doesn't beleive in fortune telling. Sakura is sure she is using a Precious to make his unusually accurate readings. Just when they are happy the Negative are not involved, a Jakuryuu called Taron scares Chinsuuko out. He is caryring a Precious called the Feng Shui Compass.
Sakura detects that the Precious has a Hazard Level of 88. The Boukenger transform and fight Taron. He starts arranging them. He berates Pink and Yellow for being where they are and tosses them. Red in the south, Blue at east, the girls west and Black north. He activates the Precious and in doing so, he fixates his Feng Shui, which grants him extereme lucky. The Boukenger are non-believing.
Pink blasts him with her SurviBuster and misses and hits Blue's feet. He then shoots Blue and he blocks with his SurviBlade and it bounces off to a building's window and hits Blue again. He explains the Dragon Eye amplifies the power and fixates a person's Feng Shui and luck. Red and Black come rushing toward him and he bends down when he finds 500 Yen. Red tries to attack but when Taron gets up, he bumps Red.
He then bashes Red down. The others gather around him. Tarong says with Blue east, Black west, and the girls south... he gives Red bad Feng Shui. Tarong blasts him and disappears. At SGS, Shouta wonders what the Jaryuu will do with the Precious. Akashi is skeptical of what bad luck being fixated on him and as he aims to sit on a chair, he falls on his behind.
Just when he gets up and says he is fine, the glass ceiling breaks and glass almost falls on Akashi. He dodges them but slips on a step and Shouta's guiat falls on his face. Akashi still believes it is all a coincidence. He gives the guitar to Shouta. Eiji enters the main room and explains Feng Shui originated in ancient China to fortune tell.
He says it uses the reading the flow of various energies, if they flow smoothly, a person is lucky and flourishing. And that it is used in constructing cemeteries, towns and a house. Masumi asks him how he knows that. He explains that the method of family, the Takaokas, uses Onmyoudou and it is related to Feng Shui. He explains the severity of the situation to Akashi, that it might cost his life.
Akashi is shocked and still non-believing. He picks up his coffee cupa nd the handle slips and the cup falls on the floor. Akashi than runs away from the others, telling them to stay away from him, that he doesn't want them to be effected. He aims for the door and bumps into it, falling down. He tells them he will deal with it somehow. He gets up and pries the door open. Menawhile, Taron and Ryuujinhei stand on a rooftop and he directs them using the Precious.
Akashi is walking in the city and gets hit by a soccer ball and his foot breaks a brick on the floor and gets it stuck. When he takes it out, he finds it muddy. He walks to a facuet and it breaks off, spraying him. He is pushed back through a bush and a delivery boy on a bike bumps into him. Noodles fall all over Akashi.
Meanwhile at SGS, Shouta and Sakura are researching, while Eiji relaxes. Natsuki and Masumi enter with fortune hat, scarf, bracelet, fluffy tail and a coat called a happy happi. Morio enters to show them somehting strange.... the dome stadium has been changed from white to pink. The gang believe the Jaryuu Clan are behind this and probably up to something larger.
Akashi slips on a can and falls. Just then a construction crane breaks off and falls on top of him. Luckily he transformed into Bouken Red. He leaps out. As he reaches the ground, he slips on a small cylinder. As he tries to recover, he gets hit by a truck and flung onto a building and rubs his head. He sees the Jaryuu come out of the building and he tries to follow them but trips on a pole and falls down. He rubs his lower leg.
The building explodes and the debri fall on top of Red. Mr. Voice tells the others, they accumulate to ten incidents like changing colors and hole diggings. Shouta has figured out it is Chimeku, a big Feng Shui energy flowing in the ground. He changes the image on the table to show the Jaryuu's action have influenced the flow, making it intertwined. It crosses in one place, where Ryuketsu will be artificially created.
Sakura suggest to meet up with the Chief first. Ryuuwon and Taron arrive at the Ryuketsu area. He faces the Dragon Eye in front of the area and the ground cracks open. The Legendary Ground Dragon is to be raised from it. Akashi is staggering with a walking stick, slips and rolls down the ground. He ends up with his legs above hsi head. His comrades arrive. They catch him up on the happenings but he is uninterested, beleiivng he will cause unhappiness.
Kashi collapses again, stands up, and collapses over and over again. Natsuki then puts her lucky hat on his head and covers him with the jacket. She tells him if he wears those things, his luck will go up. Masumi says it is probably a psyhcological effect, but he has nothing to loose. Akashi is touched, saying he can't stay and be depressed. He is Bouken Red and won't lose to fortune telling!
The ground opens and the glow is larger. The Boukenger arrive. Taron and Ryuuwon laugh at Red and ask him what is up with the get-up. He tells them it is none of their business. The Boukenger present themselves. Taron and Ryuuwon continue on laughing. The standard explosion occurs behind them.
But it Red catches on fire. The other Boukenger help him put it out. The Jaryuu tease him but he tells them that thanks to the Happy Happi, the fire didn't hurt. Red leaps down by himself, only to be rolled over by a large boulder. Red grips rocks below him and gets up fine from the rock. He chalks it all up on the scarf.
He runs toward Taron, the sky becomes dark and lighting strikes toward Red. It electrocutes Red and lights up his skeleton. He lifts off from it. The others fight off the Ryuujinhei, while Red gets up, saying the bracelet wards off disasters. He gets up and Taron attacks him and he avoids the hits. He accumulates to the fluffy tail.
Red says Taron still doesn't get it, the items hold the sentiments of his team mates in them. He says their sentiments support him. Taron sends out a blast, Red runs forward and trips. He falls and misses the blasts. Taron brings his fist forward, BoukenRed does to but Taron's hand gets caught in the lucky hat.
BoukenRed had grabbed the Compass in the scuffle and gathers himself. He then get his Bouken Javelin and does the Red Zone Crash on Taron. He explodes. The others leave the minions and gather around Red, helping him. Pink gets hold of the Dragon Eye and flashes it on Red. He is estactic and takes off all the charms.
Taron struggles and crawls closer to the gapping hole. Ryuuwon arrives and tells him he will take responsiblity and kicks him in. He rises up with the power of the Ground Dragon. They call DaiBouken and SirenBuilder and fight against Taron. Taron shoots fire at them and red lighting strikes them. The sky becomes dark. Blue comments he is completely different from the Jakuryuu or Daijaryuu. He says with the river at east and themountains are west, it is the ultimate position in Feng Shui.
Pink pulls out the Precious and calls the other GoGoVehicles. She says that Orange East, Blue West, South Green and Indigo North, he has the worst Feng Shui. She hands the Precious to Red and he amplifies the Precious' power using the Parallel Engines. They give him bad luck.
He blasts them but misses. DaiBouken shakes its head. The sky becomes normal. Taron slips a rock and falls down. Super DaiBouken arrives and destroys Taron. Back at SGS, everyone is enjoying coffee. Akashi closes his laptop and stands up. He believes all the bad luck was cause of the Precious.
But in the end, he claims that he still doesn't believe in fortune telling. Eiji calls his bluff when he finds a wallet that says 'better fortune. 'Shouta sees Akashi was checking a forutne website on the laptop. Akashi denies it. Natsuki and the others play 'keep away' with Akashi's wallet. Masumi gets it and teases him. He trips over untied shoes unto the steps and gets the guitar on his head again. Everyone laughs.

  • Taron is based on Daijinryuu fromDairanger.
  • Even though Feng Shui is known by Western Audiences, that plot point was removed from "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. "