Salamander Scale

Salamander Scale
Airdate: April 02, 2006

A old man is writing a manuscript in his house. He opens an old book and puts it on his table. He writes about many dragons fighting and one wins and takes a new form. Akashi reads a monthly adventure magazine with the manuscript the man wrote. Natsuki and Masumi pry. He says the author is retired and he was a fan.
Akashi's Accellular starts beeping. Back at SGS, Mr. Voice says he can't do anything about Black or Yellow but when Red starts ignoring his calls, he gets lonely. Red apologizes. Masumi and Natsuki mock Mr. Voice. He says Ryuwon has appeared again. Shouta asks if it is related with a Precious. Mr. Voice replies that what is peculiar is it isn't.
The Boukenger arrive a tthe site where there are many dead Ryuujinhei. Sakura wonders if they fought with others of the Negative Syndicate. Natsuki notices three fighting. Akashi quotes what he read. Ryuuwon approaches them and tell them to stay away. He blasts them and they transform instantly. One is victorious.
Ryuwon stabs the winner with his sword and tells him his reward to accept part of his power. The Boukenger grab their Saga Snipers and connduct their Climax Shoot attack, to destroy the monster but unfortunatley, this just helps. He peels away his skin and becomes Doraiken.
Doraiken blasts at them and the two retreat. Akashi notices it is just like the book. Back at SGS, Masumi reads it and says it is a coincidence. Sakura notes that the ritual is like such foolish ways back in ancient China. Shouta is curious that Akashi really believes in this.
Akashi goes to the author Kagawa's house. Akashi mentions his stories used to be more kind to adventurers. He simply replies times has changed. Akashi asks where his ideas came from. He seems sort of insulted and says they come from his imagination. He stands up and tells him he will sign a book for him. He goes to his private room and before he picks up his latest book, he goes to get his old book from before.
Back at SGS, Bouken Yellow tries out the Dual Crasher in the testing room while Masumi watches. Morio, Sakura, and Shouta from his lab tells her to start. It overpowers her. Shouta says they have to absorb the impact somehow. Morio supposes the Acceltector is needed. Masumi brings in Natsuki, who is extremely tired. Morio says the last piece hasn't arrived yet.
Morio asks Shouta if he knows the legend of the Salamander. Shouta says it is dragon to said to have skin stronger than steel. He says that SGS Europe has the real Precious is safekeeping it. Akashi arrives. Morio tells them that the Salamander Scale will arrive to Tokyo soon. Akashi freaks out from the name. He explains the scale appears in the author's latest volume. He interrogates Morio.
Two men close up a SGS van that holds the Scale in a box. They drive off. Ryuwon runs from a warehouse and stands in front of them. They stop. Doraiken walks to the back. The driver pulls out and screams at the sight of them. Doraiken punches the back of the truck and blasts the box with his fire breath. One man runs away. The driver tries to get way but Ryuwon bashes him to the truck. Doraiken gives him the Precious. They are shot at. The Boukenger leap in.
Doraiken attacks them and they fight. Masumi fights with his Radial Hammer but is knocked down. Natsuki tries her Scoopers but is pushed away. Akashi fights Doraiken with his Surviblade and tells the others to shoot his back. Natsuki wonders why. They then blast its back and it makes impact, just like the book said according to Akashi.
Ryuuwon is curious about the book so he fights Red. Red rolls down by the others and Ryuuwon attacks them. They leave. Akashi quotes the book again. Back at the author's house, Masumi demands answers. The author refuses to believe it. Akashi pushes gently. He stands up and looks out the window.
He says there are no heroes and ince ancient times, people have imagined about dragons. "Dragons that will destroy everything for us. " Akashi refuses to believe there is no adventures. They hear a noise and he goes to his private room. His room is a mess. Ryuuwon emerges and found his old book. Kagawa reaches out to him, thinking he is a dellusion and Ryuuwon slashes at him. Masumi and Akashi run in and Ryuuwon runs away. Masumi runs after the foe. Akashi asks what he stole.
Kagawa explains they are notes of a man who tired to create dragons a 100 years ago. He explains he found it in a European reglious store and since he sympathized with him, he wrote the book. He is shocked it is for real. He gives him the next month's preemptive story. Masumi arrives and says he lost them. Akashi explains to the others at SGS that Ryuuwon will definitely be giving off a lot of heat. Shouta presses his laptop and finds the heat source.
Ryuuwon tells his creation that an explosion will happen when it reaches 2000 degrees. Doraiken is pumped. Akashi and Masumi run towards an area. They meet up with the others. They explain that when the Scales are infused with imense heat and devoured by the beast, it will become even larger. Shouta guesses it will envelop all of Japan.
Ryuuwon addresses them from some stairs. The Boukenger transform. He drops down and they fight. Red holds him back and tells the others to run inside. Inside, they find Doraiken and say the heat is too much for their suits' anti-heat protection. Outside, Akashi questions Ryuuwon about the notes. He refushes to tell him and leaps on building nad leaves.
Akashi calls the vehicles. Kagawa arrives to the building and believes that becuase he wished it, the world will be destroyed. DaiBouken is formed. Everyone thinks there is no way to stop the explosion. Red has an idea to seal the damage and call for GoGo Mixer. They scoop up dirt and put it in the cement mix.
They form DaiBouken Mixer. The temperature guage goes up and sparks cause a fire. They shoot cement sealing the building. It cracks and explodes. Kagawa is knocked down. Doraiken rises from the ashes. Ryuuwon is surprised Doraiken did not change. Shouta explains in a flashback that they caught the Scales by covering Sakua and she scooped it up with her Scope Shot. The five present themselves.
Doraiken blasts fire at them but Red runs past the fire towards him. He fights him and then restrains him. Kagawa acknowledges that he is an adventurer. Akashi kicks Doraiken down. Akashi calls for the Acceltector. Morio alerts through his microphone that the tests haven't been done yet. Akashi places the scale in the back of the chest protector and places it on his chest.
He uses the Mixer head of Dual Crasher makes the monster into stone. All five gather around the drill head and the monster is destroyed. Ryuuwon retreats. Kagawa nods. Back at Kagawa's house, he supposes books can't create reality, but heroes are also imagined to defeat dragons. Akashi says his books inspire children that become heroes. Kawaga asks, "Heroes, in other words, meaning adventurers?" Akashi smirks.
The Boukenger walk together and wonder what the notes were. Could Ryuwon be following the notes? Natsuki jumps in and says "Maybe the writer was Ryuuwon!" They stop to think of this. They then break out laughing. That night, over a campfire Ryuwon hold the notes. He rips the book in half and toss each piece into the fire, burning them.

  • The truth about Ryuuwon is revealed in Episode 29.