Heart of the Demon
Airdate: February 19, 2006

BoukenPink, Yellow, and Black travel in the GouGou Diver under the sea. Black doesn't like being called by color. They reach the giant relic. Red tell the others about the Gordom Civilization, no one had ever discovered the relics.
Red tells Yellow and Black to move out. Pink and Blue is not sure about them. They enter using special devices and walked inside. Bats covered them and Yellow accidently pressed something, having them enter in a secret room. Yellow turns a nob on a device in the center and fire comes out. Black shoots the device and the fire stops. The top blows off and they discover a puzzle that is not a Precious but Masumi solves it and it makes two hands grab them and water floods in.
Everything is shaking as the relic emerges from the sea. Bouken Blue fishes Pink out and Red goes up a bridge. When the water goes down, the lock on Gaja's grave melts away. Gaja wakes up and the Karths rise from the walls.
Red locates and saves Natsuki and Masumi. He drops them down and then scoops them up. Gaja and the Karth march forward. Red dumps Yellow and Black out and they dig themselves out of a dirt pile. Blue calls Black a thief. Black says he was a treasure hunter. He boasts that it was his idea for the relic to rise out of the water but Natsuki thought it was by accident--he tells her to shush.
Pink thinsk to keep Black and Yellow out of the way but they push them out of the way and run in. The others follow them and Gaja is right behind them, sure they want the Gordom Heart. The Boukenger enter the secret passage way and run down a bridge as it breaks. Blue detects the Gordom Heart and its Hazard Level is 86. Blue is about to touch the Heart of Gordom and it splits to many. Blue is about to touch one, when Natsuki has a premonition of it exploding. Natsuki saves Blue and Pink asks her how she knew it would explode. Yellow is not sure. Red knocks one to another and they all explode until the real one is revealed.
Red explains the explosions are harmless and de-transforms. Blue and Pink de-transform. Black punches Shouta and grabs Yellow and jumps toward the Lava. He shoots out from his Scope Shot and the hook sticks to the roof and he swings. Yellow grabs the Heart and they land on the other side. They both de-transform.
Masumi gets the Precious from Natsuki's arms. He says he is claiming the Precious and he outwitted Akashi at his own game. Explaining he was the toughest tomb raider, 'Unbreakable Fang. ' Sakura calls him an idiot for just joining to outdo Akashi. Masumi tosses his Accelluar to Akashi. He tells Natsuki to go with him. She is disappointed. Just then, Gaja arrives asking for the Gordom Heart. He sicks the Karths after them. A Karth tosses Masumi down and they get away.
Sakura, Shouta, and Akashi jump to the other side. Akashi tells Blue and Pink to go after Gaja. He tells them he is going to help Masumi. They aren't for it. he tells them not to question him. He drops down to the clift where Masumi is. A parachute pops out of his Scope Shot and he lands safetly. Masumi hangs for dear life and Akashi grabs him by the cuff. Telling him he is giving him a second chance. He grabs Masumi and pulls him up, teasing him that he wouldn't be a good Boukenger.
Gaja and the Karth arrive outside to a ruin. Gaja turns a rock with a jewel on it. A small well-like shrine rises. Blue, Pink, and Yellow arrive and watch. He puts the Heart in a container and it fills with water and becomes red. He chants. Yellow says he is activating the Precious and trips over a rock, altering Gaja.
Gaja tells the Karths to attack the three. Their torches become weapons. The Gordom Heart Precious lowers down the well. The KamiGordom wakes up. Back with Akashi and Masumi, Akashi asks Masumi what will it be. Masumi claims that he will be a better treasure hunter than Akashi. He grabs his Accelluar. Everything starts shaking and Akashi falls toward the lava. He transforms and rises out. Masumi also prepares to transform.
Outside the Boukenger (already transfromed) are being beat up by the Karths. Shouta tries punching one but it doesn't work. They are too hard. Red arrives and shoots them down with his Survibuster. They discover with their weapons, they can beat the Karths. BoukenBlack arrives. They introduce themselves. KamiGordom rises and Gaja tells them that their ancestors tried to seal them but the Gordom lives.
Gaja leaps on top of the KamiGordom and tells it to crush the Boukenger. It tries but they dodge its foot. It keeps walking. Red says they have to stop the thing. They call for their GoGo Vehicles and they shoot at KamiGordom. Yellow asks if the Precious are used as weapons. Blue says it doesn't have to be.
Black attacks KamiGordom and it falls, knocking Gaja down. They combine their vehicles to make DaiBouken. They strike down to the ground and hit KamiGordom. It grabs them and pushes them back. They manage to break free and use their scooper to lift KamiGordom off. They combine their two weapons and destroy KamiGordom.
The Boukenger arrive at the beach and find the Heart on the sand. Sakura pusll otu a card. The card becomes a plate and she places the Heart on the plate and it becomes a box to house the Precious.
Gaja comes along and threatens them, blasting at them. He tells them there is more Gordom treasures, saying the Gordom will never die. Just then a giant red sea monster rises of the ocean and eats Gaja. Sakura explains it is the Negative Syndicate, the villains that want the Precious.

  • This is the first Super Sentai series to be shown in High Definition and in widescreen.
  • Boukenger celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Super Sentai.
  • Gaja's outfit is based onGoranger's Variccune while KamiGordom is on Variblune.
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