Episode Guide

Episode #1 "Shuurai!! 1999 (Invasion!! 1999)"

Episode #2 "Shuuketsu!! Chouriki Sentai (Assemble!! Super-Power Task Force)"

Episode #3 "Kiki Chouriki no Himitsu (The Critical Secret of Super-Power)"

Episode #4 "Kaiki!! Tetsujin Papa (Grotesque!! Iron Man Papa)"

Episode #5 "Gekiai!! Honoo no Kyoudai (Violent Love!! The Brothers of Flame)"

Episode #6 "Kyouteki Zunou Mashin (The Powerful Enemy Brain Machine)"
The Baranoia Empire knows of the UAOH creating machines for the Ohranger to fight them. They want to stop this. They send Bara Brain to find Chief Miura who is responsible for this. Bara Brain is to tap into Miura's subconscious and drive him crazy to reveal the location of the machines. Miura takes care of a dead friend's daughter. Bara Brain makes Miura believe Ikuko is in danger through a dream. The girl's father died falling off a cliff after a car accident. Miura blames himself because he had to save his friend and his daughter and couldn't rescue the two of them. Bara Brain controls Ikuko to ask Miura for the location of Ohranger Robo.

Episode #7 "Kansei!! Chouriki Robo (Completed!! The Super-Power Robo)"
Bara Brain brings forth Bara Seperate, a giant to attack the city. Oh Blue and Oh Pink use Dash Leon and Moa Loader, which are currently ready to fight Bara Seperate. The other machines aren't ready. Bara Brain kidnapps Ikuko and the Ohranger save her. Miuro tells the gang to do 'teamwork'. That way, there will be more help, more hope. The Ohrangers complete the robo on their own with the help of UAOH workers. Miuro is kidnapped once again and held hostage. Hisuteria comes down to Earth to kill him with a gun.

Episode #8 "Gekitotsu!! Chou Kyoudai Sen (Crash!! A Super Giant Battle)"
The Baranoia are upset about the Ohranger Robo. They send down a dangerous warrior, Bara Missle from the army on the planet Dorora. He is comes down and fights Ohranger Robo, sending it to the Sun!

Episode #9 "Totsuzen!! Uragirimono (Suddenly!! Traitor)"
Juri wants to go shopping and do normal girl things. What happened was that the three guys were injected by Bara Darts, making them subjectable to rust. Momo was the only left. Juri fought Momo. Bara Darts aimed for Momo but hit Juri. Juri asked him for the antidote. He gave it to her. She told Momo it was a trick, she didn't really betray them. She laughed at Bara Darts. He then said the antidote was a trick, it was a bomb. The three guys appeared to be back, surprising Bara Darts. Momo said the commander cured the trio with their own antidote. Bara Darts threw the antidote and Momo caught it. In reality the three were a hologram. Bara Darts was tricked. Triple crossed! The girls save the day.

Episode #10 "Sanjou Dorobo da yon (The Visiting Thief)"

Episode #11 "Fukujuu Ai no Reizouko (Obedience to the Refrigerator of Love)"
A mother is upset at her refrigerator, it's not working, it happens to be that it wasn't plugged in. Her son is worried about her. Hisuteria wants to teach humans a lesson. Humans take modern convenience for granted. Bara Printer is sent down to make humans literally fall in love with their appilances such as refrigerators, fans, photocopiers, etc.

Episode #12 "Bakuhatsu!! (Akachan Explode!!)"
Babies are made to be annoying, when they cry, buildings collapse.

Episode #13 "Gensou Kamisama no Inu (The Fantastic Dog of the Gods)"

Episode #14 "Daisuki Pinokio (I Love Pinocchio)"

Episode #15 "Tomo yo Atsuku Nemure!! (Friend, Sleep Hotly!!)"

Episode #16 " Wanpaku!! Miraikko (Mischievous!! The Future Child)"

Episode #17"Goudatsu Henshin Bureesu (The Stolen Changing Brace)"

Episode #18 "Chichi no Ijou na Aijou (The Father's Unusual Love)"

Episode #19 "Shin Robo Akai Shougeki (The New Robot's Red Impact)"

Episode #20 "Tekken 100 Renpatsu (Iron Fist 100 Bursts)"

Episode #21 "Arashi o Yobu Kendama (The Storm-calling)"

Episode #22 "Gattai Maruhi Shirei!! (The Secret Combining Order!!)"

Episode #23 "Saigo no Mizugi... (The Final Swimsuit...)"

Episode #24 "Warau Natsukashi Otoko!! (The Laughing Nostalgic Man!!)"

Episode #25 "Omatsuri Ippatsu Shoubu (The Festival One-Shot Contest)"

Episode #26 "6 Okusai Shonen Senshi (The 6 Hundred Million Year Old Young Warrior)"

Episode #27 "Kingu Sassou Toujou (King's Gallant Entrance)"

Episode #28 "Miyo Kiseki no Yousai (Look at the Wondrous Fortress)"

Episode #29 "Odoru! Shinryaku Juku (Dance! The Invasion Cram School)"

Episode #30 "Chikyuu ga Guusuka (The Earth is Snoring)"

Episode #31 "Takuhai Daietto (Home Delivery Diet)"

Episode #32 "Gakkou no Kowai Akumu (The School's Scary Nightmare)"

Episode #33 "5 Dai Robo Oo Abare (5 Giant Robots Great Riot Resurrected)"

Episode #34 "Koutei Saigo no Chousen (The Emperor's Final Challenge)"

Episode #35 "Kageki na Bakudan Yarou (The Violent Bomb Guy)"

Episode #36 "Onara ni Chokugeki!! (Direct Hit with Flatulence!!)"

Episode #37 "Sessha Ganmajin (I Am Ganmajin)"

Episode #38 "Majin wa Tsurai yo (It's Hard Being an Evil God)"

Episode #39 "Ouji Kettou ni Shisu (The Prince Dies in a Duel)"

Episode #40 "Shutsugen! Nazo no Hime!! (Arrival! The Mysterious Princess!!)"

Episode #41 "Kiken na Futari (The Dangerous Couple)"

Episode #42 "Sentai Koukai Shokei!! (The Task Force's Public Execution!!)"

Episode #43 "Kirifuda wa Shichi Henge (The Trump Card is Seven Changes)"

Episode #44 "Chijou Saikyou no Bijo (The Earth's Most Powerful Beauty)"

Episode #45 "Kaimetsu!! Chouriki Kichi (Collapse!! The Super-Power Base)"

Episode #46 "Chikyuu Saigo no Hi!! (Final Day of the Earth!!)"

Episode #47 "Tate Kagayake Yomigaere!! (Stand, Shine, Revive!!)"

Episode #48 "Ai no Yuushatachi (The Heroes of Love)"

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