It''s Qi-Power!!!

It's Qi-Power!!!
Airdate: February 26, 1993

Ryuranger climbs inside the cockpit of Ryuuseioh and transforms into a warrior form. The other Dairanger join him inside the cockpit of Ryuuseioh.
Baron String seems to be down for the count but not for long. The Dairanger get tangled and electrocuted but they bounce back and destroy Baron String.
Zaidosu lugs around a heavy bag and then tosses Purse Priest out of a bag. Shouji boxes and trains. Afterwards, a boy that was admiring him, admires a basketball player.
The boy goes after a rogue basketball and the player captures him. Shouji soon hears his cries and chases the man. The man disappears but Shouji is attacked by a monster so he transforms and fights him, but is bested.
Back at the base, Shouji has already arrived and Lin calls the others. Diago was fishing and both Ryuu and Kazu were both working at their respective jobs. Kaku dispatches them but singles out Shouji to train him by ducking giant bowling ball-like balls flinging at him. Kaku shows him video of his last encounter.
The others run around the city and Lin is targeted. Purse priest keeps capturing more kids. Lin finds the man and chases him. She is soon captured by him. Shouji, after getting the message from Kaku, races through the city and finds Lin's earrings. He spots a car with Cotpotros and follows it.
Shouji sees the car go to a boat. The Cotpotros prepare a table for the Triumvirate. Shouji stealthy sneaks in while the other three Dairanger ride their Kiber Machines The kidnapped children and Lin are under control of the gourds and sit in front of the Triumvirate. The Cotpotros chant is stopped twice. A grim reaper arrives to kill Lin who Gara singled out.
A grim reaper arrives to kill Lin who Gara singled out. Shouji busts in, disarming the grim reaper who turns out to be Purse Priest.
Shouji releases Lin, who fights off the Cotpotros with her wind attack. The children are also released. Triumvirate take it on their own to beat Lin and Shouji up.
The other three Dairanger bust in with their Kiber Machines. The Triumvirate disappear. Shouji and Lin transform. The five fight Purse Priest and the Cotpotros outside. Each Ranger use their unique attacks. Shouji avoids the Purse Priest's head atttacks with his new skills.
Shouji beats Purse Priest down. He tries using his Enlarging bomb but the Dairanger corner him and destroy him with their Chi Bomber. Lin watches Shouji and the little boy jog. Shouji hands Lin her earring back. He races off. Lin thanks him.

  • The Purse Priest tries to grow but doesn't get a chance to.
  • The Purse Priest's head inside the purse, it is also the face of the gourds he throws and cover his victim's heads.