It's Tenshin Time!!!
Airdate: February 19, 1993

A mysterious boy sings a love song and plays with his yo-yo. Ryou arrives at his restaurant and is followed by Master Kaku.
Ryou is enthralled by the boy and a biker bumps into Ryou, dropping his trash can. A little girl helps him. A monstrous tube monster takes his friend into a hole.
The monster chases Ryou through the streets of the city. He stops to rest in a corner. He sees the boy again and is entangled by the monster. He is then rescued by a huge fire-breathing dragon who takes him.
Ryou wakes to find himself in a strange base. He finds the Kiber Machines that come alive and the red one chases him. He escapes through a tunnel and releases he came from a huge building. He is cornered by three men who take him back.
He meets Master Kaku who tells him about harnessing chi power that he demonstrates to or rather at him. The others introduce themselves as Daigo, Kazu and Shouji. One of the Gorma, Gara appears with a suit case and two giant orbs from another dimension meet. Gara goes to a boat.
Lin arrives from the airport. Gara shows Shaddam and Zaidosu the girl from her suitcase full of Enlarging Bombs. Men in bikes chase Lin. When they corner her, she uses her chi power blowing wind at them. They bump her over a bridge and she bumps into the others.
The men become Cotpotros. The five take bikes from them and run from them. The five are bumped into by a car and fall off their bikes. The strange boy from before comes forth and becomes Baron String. He entangles the five up in the air.
Baron String tries to kill Ryou but he remembers a move from Kaku and uses it. They transform into Dairanger and fight the Gorma. The Dairanger introduce each other to their opponents and fight the Cotpotro, as Ryou duels with Baron String. He retrieves his weapons using telekinesis.
Ryou uses a big attack on Baron String and he releases his victims. Baron String uses a Enlarging Bomb to become huge.
Master Kaku mediates and energy emits forth to control the beast. Ryuranger calls on his new friend Ryuuseioh to combat the threat.

  • The reason why Master Kaku must control Ryuuseioh is explained later on.
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