Long Live the Dinosaurs

Episode 50: "Viva Dinosaurs!!"
[Continued from Episode 49]
Geki, Goushi, and Dan get through the surrounding perils in 'Magic Realm' and find the cells in which Daizyujin, Dragon Caesar, and King Brachion are captured. Zyurangers' teamwork releases them from the cells. As Shugozyus come back from `Magic Realm', Zyurangers become able to transform again. Combined with Zyurangers' power and spirit, the revived Kyukyoku Daizyujin demolishes DoraTaros and finally defeats Satan. Zyurangers storm into Bandora Palace to confront the evil sorceress. In Bandora Palace, a wounded Kai dies in Bandora's arms. Bandora weeps over her son, and her tears astonish the Zyurangers, as well as her henchmen. Furious Bandora tries to zap Zyurangers, but she finds that she's unable to use magic any more. Daizyujin appears and proclaims the end of sorceress Bandora: when a witch sheds tears, she loses her magic abilities. Daizyujin seals Bandora and her gangs into a jar and throws it away to the outer space. Peace has finally arrived on Earth and people are celebrating out of destruction. Another celebration is going on inside of a jar floating in space as well--Grifforzer and Lammy's newborn baby maybe adorable enough to let Bandora forget about everything else. And now, Zyurangers' mission is over. Zyurangers leave the two baby dinosaurs to a recovered Hiroshi. Barza, who has regained his white magic, leads Zyurangers to the land of Gods on a floating cloud, where their Shugozyus await them.