Episode 48: "Son from the Darkness"
[Continued from Episode 47]
The massive power of DoraTaros overwhelms Daizyujin and Gouryuujin. When Geki tries to summon King Brachion, Barza stops him. Barza has figured out that Bandora's real purpose of this battle is to destroy the dinosaurs eggs maintained in King Brachion. Yet, eventually King Brachion appears and Kyuukyoku Daizyujin smashes DoraTaros. The four children that were hypnotized are rescued safely. However, King Brachion gets under Bandora's spell and is lost into the underground with dinosaur eggs. Barza, after deciphering the book, 'Dyno Apocalypse,' explains to the Zyurangers about real importance of dinosaurs eggs. The two eggs are the last pair of the dinosaurs on earth, and if they are destroyed, Dinosaurs are truly extinct from this world and Daizyujin will lose its major power source and might even die. Barza also tells Zyuranger about a segment in 'Dyno Apocalypse,' describing a story of Dal tribe queen, who lost her son by an accident caused by dinosaur. The queen vowed to avenge on dinosaurs and people who worship dinosaurs, and sold her soul to Satan. Meaning it was Bandora. Meanwhile, Bandora sets the Satan's Tower again on the Earth and summons DaiSatan. Satan re-emerges from hell and starts to devastate the earth. Kai and revived DoraTaros join Satan to spread the havoc. Zyurangers and Daizyujin cannot find a way to defeat them without King Brachion.
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