Episode 42: "Burai Dies..."
[Continued from Episode 41]
Burai leaves his coin in hand of hospitalized Kouta. Burai tells Geki about his dream and his wish to save Kouta's life, and Geki tells Burai about the elixir. The brothers find their final hope, but Burai's remaining time is now less than an hour. Meanwhile in the 'Sacret Land,' Goushi and Dan find the white statue holding the jar of elixir. Yet the statue is actually a knight who guards the elixir, and Goushi and Dan are forced to start the fight without transforming. Burai rides Dragon Caesar and tries to fight against the evil to his last moment, though his power alone is not enough to defeat DoraGansaku. When Burai's remaining time becomes less than five minutes, Shugozyus finally return five Dinobuckler to Zyurangers. Geki, Mei, Boy, and Burai summon their Shugozyus and Kyuukyoku Daizyujin defeat DoraGansaku. And next moment, the clocks in town are simultaneously chiming to tell two o'clock-- the end of Burai's life. In the `Sacred Land', the jar is lost in a pond during the battle, leaving Goushi and Dan in shock. Then, the knight turns into a beautiful goddess--Klotho. Klotho tells them that since Burai has already died once, even the gods themselves can't save his life again. Klotho gives them the elixir to grant Burai's final wish to bring Kouta back to life. And Burai ends his life in Geki's arms--leaving Zyusouken, as well as all of his hopes, to his brother.
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