Episode 41: "Blaze, Burai!"
[Continued from Episode 40]
Burai senses a crazed Dragon Caesar and leaves his 'Lapseless Room' without suspecting anything. When Burai gets to the battlefield and plays his Zyusouken, the real Dragon Caesar appears. It is revealed that the Dragon Ceasar that was running a rampage was in reality DoraGansaku. The whole purpose of the ruse was to pull Burai out of `Lapseless Room' and trace his energy to detect its location. Bandora swiftly heads to 'Lapseless Room,' and Burai can't stop her from destroying it completely. On the verge of despair, Burai searches the boy whom he envisioned in his dream. Burai finds the boy, Kouta--none other than a healthy, ordinary child. The hidden truth that innocent Kouta is destined to die soon like himself breaks Burai's heart, and Burai spends his last hours with Kouta. Meanwhile, Zyurangers find the last hope to save Burai's life: the life-restoring elixir hidden in the 'Sacred Land.' Zyurangers pray for mercy of Shugozyus to enter the 'Sacred Land' and obtain the elixir. As a result, Goushi and Dan are teleported to the 'Sacred Land'. However, their five Dinobucklers are taken away by Shugozyus. DoraGansaku in guise of Daizyujin is still on rampage and its battle with Dragon Caesar causes heavy destruction of town. Consequently, Kouta gets severely injured.
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