Episode 40: "Burai, Departure for Death"
Burai's horror reaches its peak, as he sees a dream in which the Death takes him to land of the dead. Meanwhile, Klotho appears in front of the rest of Zyurangers and prophesies that the next time Burai gets out of his 'Lapseless Room,' he won't be able to return there and his life will end. Klotho's message freezes the Zyurangers, and they desperately seek any possible way to save Burai's life. Meanwhile, Bandora plots with DoraGansaku. Zyurangers find that Dragon Caesar is running amuck in town. Bandora appears and proclaims that now she has the command over Dragon Caesar. Zyurangers and Daizyujin confront to Dragon Caesar, yet Zyurangers hesitate to call Burai to stop his Shugozyu's rampage. At the same moment in 'Lapseless Room,' Burai is seeing a young boy in his dream.
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