Episode 37: "Dinosaurs Are Hatching"
Children finds the dinosaurs egg chest by a river bank. Zyurangers attempt to protect it from Bandora's gang, but Mei and children are captured in DoraKinkaku's magic bottle. During the battle, Geki, Goushi, Dan, and Boy hear the voice of Kyuukyoku Daizyujin, saying: to protect the eternal circle of life, Zyurangers must save the life of the dinosaurs, hatching in sixty days. The four of the Zyurangers and Gouryuujin rescue Mei and children, and Kyuukyoku Daizyujin defeats DoraKinkaku. The dinosaur eggs are finally back into the hands of the Zyurangers. King Brachion receives the eggs to incubate them inside of its body. Zyurangers are delighted with the coming new lives, but Geki cannot help thinking about his brother Burai's fading life.
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