Episode 30: "Satan Is Coming!!"
[Continued from Episode 29]
The repulsive pole Bandora has placed upon the Earth is guarded by evil power and not even Daizyujin can remove it. Meanwhile in Bandora Palace, Bandora is executing the hardest black magic, which would cost her life if she should fail. At the same time, Bandora's gang start to abduct children after another, in accordance with Bandora's order. Barza finds out what Bandora's up to--she is summoning DaiSatan, the ultimate ruler of hell. Barza tells Zyurangers that Bandora is gathering thirteen children to be sacrificed in completing `Satan's Tower' to summon DaiSatan from hell. Zyurangers find and guard the thirteenth girl, yet Bandora seizes the girl during the battle between Zyurangers and her gang. The completed `Satan's Tower' is activated and Satan descends on earth. Satan responds to Bandora's demand and spares his power to ZombieFranke. Replenished with Satan's power, ZombieFranke now transforms into lethal SatanFranke.
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