Episode 29: "Why? Zyukishin Attacks"
[Continued from Episode 28]
Burai senses the crisis Daizyujin with DoraFranke but when Burai is just about to leave the 'Lapseless Room', he is teleported to a bizarre world by supernatural power. Geki is also sent to the same world. Before they start exploring the world, Geki asks his persistent question-- why doesn't Burai stay with him? Unfortunately, Burai cannot tell the truth. The brothers find the figures of Shugozyus and hear Daizyujin's voice, saying: if they cooperate each other and successfully surmount the challenge of Zyukishin King Brachion, they will find the way to defeat DoraFranke. Then, King Brachion appears from the swamp and starts firing toward the brothers. Geki and Burai bring their powers and hearts together--Burai gives Geki his sheild and Burai uses Geki's sword. At last, they obtain the chest which contains the new weapon, Thunder Slingers. Geki and Burai get back to the battlefield, and Zyurangers defeat Dokiita Golems with Thunder Slingers, and DoraFranke with Ranger Slingers. Yet, the power of Dokiita clay soon revives DoraFranke as ZombieFranke. Furthermore, Bandora has set an eerie white pole on the earth before she retreats to the moon.
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