Episode 26: "Watch Out for Shaved Ice"
The Zyuranger are playing a sport and while they are not looking, Tottpatt drops a magic potion in their shaved ice. Dan and Mei eat the shaved ice and as a result, they become punks. While the rest of Zyurangers fight against Dora Bugaranan, Barza strives to obtain the healing herb, Mandragora. Dora Bugaranan swallows Boy and Goushi. Dan and Mei finally turn back to normal and come to Geki's aid. They transform and unfortunately Gekia nd Dan gets swallowed. Mei tries to shoot Dora Bugaranan's weakspot, his neck and Tottobatto pushes her out of the way. Tottobatto, Dora Bugaranan, and Bukkubakku chase after Mei. Mei manages to shoot Dora Bugaranan's weakspot with her arrow and the other Zyuranger are released. They destroy Dora Bugaranan.
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