Episode 21: "Shugozyu's Rampage"
[Continued from Episode 20]
Geki feels responsible for the loss of Daizyujin and leaves the team. Meanwhile, during the celebration party in Bandora Palace, Burai attempts to assassinate Bandora. Bandora's true magic ability overwhelms Burai and he is literally thrown back down to the Earth. While Burai is still in shock, a mysterious girl in a white cape appears in front of him. The girl takes Burai into `Lapseless Room' and gives him the Zyusouken. And with enigmatic smile, she tells Burai that remaining time in his life is only about thirty hours, and dissappears. Left in confusion and disbelief, Burai leaves the 'Lapseless Room.' Soon after he starts playing his Zyusouken, his Shugozyu, Dragon Caesar emerges from the ocean. Burai, pleased with the massive power of Dragon Caesar, begins crazy rampage throughout the town. Geki witnesses the remorseless destruction caused by Burai, and decides to confront his brother at last. The other four Zyurangers join Geki, but they have no way to fight against Dragon Caesar without their Shugozyus.
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