Daizyuzin''s Last Day

Episode 20: "The Great Beast God Daizyujin's Doomsday"
The day Bandora prophesied has arrived, and her gang start their havok into the city. Zyurangers, still without a clue about Bandora's prediction, hesitate to summon their Shugozyus. The sly Bandora puts the Zyuranger on the edge with a kidnapped school bus and the dinosaur eggs in her hands. Just when Zyurangers are to summon their Shugozyus, Barza, who finally has figured out the significance of the day, appears and stops them. Barza explains to the Zyurangers that this is the day of full eclipse. When the supply of Daizyujin's power source, the Gaiatron energy, becomes the least plentiful. The Zyurangers summon their Shugozyus to rescue the children captured in school bus and dinosaur eggs--although the chest of dinosaur eggs is once again lost in a river. When Daizyujin battles with Grifforzer and Lammy Scorpion, the eclipse begins and Daizyujin starts losing power. Zyurangers and Daizyujin attempt to scatter giant foes and escape, but just then DragonRanger grows giant with Bandora's evil power. Dragonranger fights against Daizyujin. Because Geki hesitates to battle with DragonRanger, Daizyujin loses the chance to escape. After the fierce onslaught from giant enemies, Daizyujin powerlessly falls down, the Zyurangers fall out and each Shugozyu disappear into the lava.