Episode 15: "Beat the Supreme Sword of Darkness"
Goushi finds a spirited girl Ritsuko caring for her younger brother Shigeru. This reminds Goushi of his own older sister Otome, who died in the old war against Bandora. Goushi wasn't brave and strong as he is now from the start. It was Otome's training and support, which made him the best knight of his tribe. Ritsuko invites Goushi to Shigeru's ten-year-old birthday party. Yet at the party, Shigeru is taken away by Bandora's gang. Bandora is to create the legendary sword of darkness, Durandol. It requires a child who becomes ten-year old on full-moon night. Threatened by Bandora's gangs, Shigeru reluctantly hammers in the sword in progress and Durandol is given the spirit. With hostage of Shigeru and Ritsuko, DoraKnight calls for Goushi and starts fighting. Goushi rescues the two, yet he finds Durandol, in the hand of DoraKnight, is far stronger than his weapon. Durandol causes extreme damage on Zyurangers' Legendary Weapons. When DoraKnight is giant, it further overwhealms Daizyujin and the God Horn, his sword. Shigeru realizes the consequence of what he's done, and with all his courage, he runs toward DoraKnight to stop the fight. DoraKnight uses the Durandol to strike down Shigeru but it can go no further than inches away from this little boy's head. Even the evil sword cannot harm the one who has created it. Goushi takes Shigeru onto the cockpit of Daizyujin, and Daizyujin's God Horn finishes DoraKnight and Durandol.
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