Episode 10: "Monkey No More!"
[Continued from Episode 9]
In the cave of Daros Island, Bandora finds the dinosaur eggs' chest, yet the sacred crystals around it prevent any evil from laying hands on it. Bandora has become Irritated and destroys the entrance of the cave. Zyurangers, along with Euro, Clockle, Daisy and Emiko, arrive to Daros Island. Zyurangers find that every Apelos in Daros Island are desperate over the dinosaur eggs. In fact, Apelos already has failed to accomplish a task assigned from God a long time ago, and as a punishment, they were expelled from the land of Gods and their nature was turned into that of monkeys. If they fail this time, they will remain as monkeys forever. Meanwhile, the restored DoraCockatrice II disguises itself as Emiko and approaches to Euro. The monster in guise leads Euro to a secret path to the cave and removes one of the sacred crystals. As the safeguard loses its power, DoraCocatrice II reveals its true self and snatches the chest. Zyurangers, after rescuing the real Emiko, join the battle and defeats DoraCockatrice II, but the chest is lost in the sea during the turmoil. Apelos eventually has failed to fulfill their mission yet again. The five Shugozyus listen to Zyurangers' plea and forgive Apelos. Euro and Apelos, now back to human, thank the Zyurangers and return to the land of Gods.
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