Episode 9: "Run, Egg Prince"
A bizarre car is traveling through another dimension. On board is Euro, a young prince of Apelo tribe, with his loyalists, baron Clockle and baroness Daisy. They accidentally run into the house of girl named Emiko. Before Zyurangers locate the accident, Bandora's gang storm into the house, and DoraCockatrice takes Euro and Emiko away. Barza and Clockle explain to Zyurangers the situation: in the war between the ancient people and Bandora, Bandora relentlessly destroyed the lives of the dinosaurs and put them on the blink of extinction. After the war, heads of the five ancient tribes put a pair of dinosaur eggs in a chest and sent it off to the sea, hoping safer time and place for the dinosaurs to come. The chest drifted over to Daros Island, where Apelo tribes reside. God appeared to Apelos and entrusted them to protect the dinosaur eggs until Zyurangers return to this world and receive the eggs. Bandora learned about the dinosaur eggs and had Daros Island in her sight already. Euro has thus come from Daros Island to seek Zyurangers' help. In the meantime, Bandora and DoraCockatrice are using Emiko to threaten. Finally, Euro tells Bandora about the cave where the dinosaur eggs are hidden. The Zyurangers rescue Euro and Emiko, and Daizyujin' smashes DoraCockatrice, but Bandora heads to Daros Island before the Zyurangers.
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