Episode 8: "Terror of the Abrupt Foodsnatcher"
Boy meets Mamoru, a chubby boy whose parents are also overweight. Yet, Mamoru and his parents are not embarrassed of being overweight, and enjoying eating. Because their family business allows them few vacations, they have chosen to spend their meal times together, while more and more children are eating alone nowadays. This family-bonding through eating impresses Boy, yet outrages Bandora, who happened to be on crash diet. Bandora sends DoraKirke to Mamoru's family, and the monster starts to eat up all the food on their table. DoraKirke moves so quickly it's invisible to human eyes. The hungry family starts quarrel, devastating Mamoru's body and soul. Zyurangers detect the monster and start the fight, but DoraKirke gulps down their Legendary Weapons. Zyurangers are rescued by Gnome, the chief of the elves. Gnome tells Zyurangers that he'll give them Moly, the herb that once defeated Kirke, if they can win his game: to finish all the feasts offered by Gnome. The game is harder than it looks, and Zyurangers, stuffed full, surrender one after another. Yet only Boy, although feeling all choked up, keeps on eating, in order to save Mamoru. Boy's dedication moves Gnome, and Gnome gives Zyurangers the herb. The power of Moly makes DoraKirke puke out everything it ate, including Legendary Weapons. And while Bandora finds herself too starved to throw her Doracepter to grow DoraKirke, Howling Cannon destroys DoraKirke. Mamoru and his familiy are happy once again, although Zyurangers have to gently decline their offer to eat.
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