Episode 7: "Mieru, Mieru" (Looky, Looky)
DoraGoblin starts to collect its favorite food is children's souls. A boy named Tooru witnesses DoraGoblin's taking the soul of Michiko, a girl he likes. Bukkbuck snatched his gift box, Tooru recklessly chases after it. The Zyuranger try to fight the monster by themselves, but they can't even come close to the monster, because DoraGoblin is invisible to adults. Mei recalls that the monster will become visible if they can switch the side of DoraGoblin's shoes. Dan questions Tooru about what is inside his precious gift box for Michiko. Tooru's answer is a caterpillar, Dan soon learns that it really is the most precious thing to Tooru. Tooru's alcoholic father was convicted of petty theft, and an egg of butterfly found at the yard of prison was everything the man could give to his son. Dan apologizes Tooru, and promises him to get his box back. Tooru's coporation and Geki tricks DoraGoblin and makes the monster to switch the side of its own shoes. DoraGoblin becomes visible to them and they defeat him, and Tooru successfully presents Michiko his gift, which has now turned to a beautiful butterfly.
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