Episode 6: "Tate!! Daizyujin" (Arise!! The Great Beast God)
[Continued from Episode 5]
In the desert, Geki finds the utterly ruined earth and the skeletoned remains of other Zyurangers. The vision of five Shugozyus appears and tell that if Geki cannot bring the Zyuranger team into one, this devastated world will become the reality. The vision also tells Geki that Daizyujin will be evoked through Dynotankor. Geki returns from the other world with reaffirmed determination to be the true leader of the team. Barza advises Geki that the five Dynocrystals to call forth the Daizyujin. When Geki starts his own battle with giant DoraSphinx, his Ryugekiken shows the place where the Dynocrystals are hidden. The power of Dynocrystals releases the rest of Zyurangers from trees, and their five Shugozyus are combined into Dynotankor and then into Daizyujin. Daizyujin smashes DoraSphinx, and the trapped children are released safely from trees before cut down.
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