Episode 5: "Kowai Nazonazo" (The Eerie Enigma)
DoraSphinx appears in town and starts to give children riddles. When the children fail to answer correctly, DoraSphinx blows them off to somewhere. While searching for the missing children, Zyurangers neglect to act in team and as a result, Boy and Dan are swept off by DoraSphinx. The rest of Zyurangers find Boy, Dan, and the lost children are captured inside of trees. Furthermore, those trees are subject to be cut down very soon. The remaining three Zyurangers battle with DoraSphinx, but Mei and Goushi are blown off into trees as well. Geki summons his Shugozyu Tyrannosaurs to combat DoraSphinx, yet Tyrannosaurs sends Geki to a bizarre, deserted world instead-- it is where Geki has envisioned several times in his daydream.
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