Episode 4: "Yomigae re Densetsu No Buki" (Revive Legendary Weapons)
[Continued from Episode 3]
After spending a freezing night in Land of Despair, Zyurangers scavenge through some deceiving illusions and challenges of Land. They finally reach to the location where the Legendary Weapons laid and Bandora shows up to paralyze the Zyurangers. While Zyurangers' bodies are gradually getting petrified, Geki calls the Legendary Weapons to fight together against the evil. The Legendary Weapons themselves leap into their hands and break Bandora's curse. They combine the five Legendary Weapons into the Howling Cannon to destroy DoraMinotaurus. Zyurangers rescue Hiroshi and his mother, and are able to come back home safely before Bandora destroys Land of Despair.
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