Episode 3: "Tataka e Zetsubou No Daichi" (Fight in the Land of Despair)
Zyurangers start their combat training, yet all the available weapons fail to match the Zyurangers' power and they shatter one after another. Barza inform the Zyurangers about Legendary Weapons hidden in the Land of Despair, a mysterious island floating in an alternate world. Barza warns the team that anyone lost their hope or stayed more than one day in Land of Despair will be turned into stone. Bandora senses the Zyurangers' intention and acts in advance and abducts a boy named Hiroshi and his mother, sending them to the Land of Despair. Zyurangers rush to the Land of Despair to obtain Legendary Weapons and rescue the boy and his mother. In the Land of Despair, Zyurangers and their five Shugozyus repel Bandora's Goremi Hei and DoraMinotaurus. Yet the Zyurangers couldn't help the terrified Hiroshi from becoming petrified.
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