Our Friend, Bio Robo

Episode Three: Our Friend, The Bio Robot (The Careless Folly)
While peforming routine maintainance on the Bio Robot (imagine the Biomen actually cleaning and washing the exterior of the robot!) Shingo accidentally leaves a wrench near some sensitive mechanism inside the Bio Robot. During a subsequent battle with the Mechagigan Gorillakans, the wrench jams an energy control circuit and the Bio Robot becomes helpless. Green two tries to fix the damage but is hurt. The team is forced to retreat and hide the Bio Robot until it is repaired. Red One gets the necessary parts from Pibo, but is cornered by Monster, of the big Three, and his lieutenant, the monster BeastKing. The two are too strong for Red One alone, and they use him as a ball to play catch! Red One eventually uses his agility to escape, but passes out. A dog comes up to him and encourages him to go on, as Gou discovers that he can speak to animals. With the help of various animals, Red One finds a short cut to the Bio Robot. Meanwhile, Shingo recovers just in time to go help Red One. The team defeats Monster and Beastking just as Gorillakans finds the helpless Bio Robot. The circuit is replaced and Gorillakans is defeated.

Phillip's Favorite line: "Bioman and Bio Robot, intrinsically linked! His steel is our skin, his energy our power! We are one!"