Episode Two: Gathering of the Soldiers of Destiny (Biomen, Destiny Fighters)
Doctorman orders the female member of the Big Three, Fara, to investigate the Biomen. Fara takes along her lackey, Faracat, and the telekinetic monster Psygorn. They locate and confront Mika, and Mika engages Faracat in a duel. Psygorn joins in and almost has her on the ropes until the other four Biomen come to her aid. After beating the Gear Empire off, the four Biomen talk to Mika to try to get her to join for good. Mika explains that her first love is her photography. Her brother had died in africa as a photojournalist and she wants to continue taking pictures of the african wildlife. Gou then gives her a tour of the Bio Base and we see the Bio Dragon for the first time. Gou explains that Pibo brought everything to Earth five hundred years ago. Pibo explains that the Bio Star had reached the peak of it's technology before it was destroyed. Pibo had been sent to earth at that time to protect earth from Gear. Pibo says that Earth is like a rare jewel in the universe, and that is why it is coveted by many (Phil: quite right! hence a new invasion every year!). It was also revealed that when Pibo landed, she showered five people with Bio Particles. Hence, the current Bioman are the descendants of those original five. The Gear Empire suddenly attacks an oil refinery. Mika decides to join for good and transforms into Yellow Four. The rest follow suit, go defeat Psygorn et al with a Super Electron Kick (reminiscent of the JAKQ covack), and defeat the Mechagigan Devilkans.
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