The Enigmatic Giant Robo Arrives

Episode One: The Emergence of the Mysterious Giant Robot
(Appointment With Destiny)

Doctorman instructs his New Empire Gear minions to begin an attack on a scientific city in Japan. Mason of the Gear Empire's Big Three, accompanied by the monster Messajyu or Messerbeast and the mechaclone soldiers, launches an assault with the Mecha Gigan Kabutokans. In the meantime, a mysterious giant robot emerges from an mountain and sets out on a mission. Literally picking them up like action figures, the robot gathers pilot Gou, racer Shingo, watersportsman Ryuuta, camerawoman Mika and flutist Hikaru. Bewildered and scared, the android Pibo then meets with the quintet and gives them their technobraces. Pibo explains that they carry the genetic code that enables them to use the technobraces to become Bioman, and that the genetic implant was done long ago. Just as she finishes talking about the emergence of the New Empire Gear, Mason, Messerbeast and the mechaclones attack. After getting beaten up at first, Gou then activates his technobrace to become Red One. The others follow suit and the Super Electron Bioman are born. After smashing the Mechaclones, the Biomen defeat Messerbeast with the Super Electron - Prism Laser Attack. Afterwards, they use the giant robot, known as Bio Robot, to defeat the mechagigan Kabutokans with the Super Mazer Straight Thrust. Doctorman vows vengeance. Mika, on the other hand, is livid that her camera was damaged and walks away...