Trigger Machines
The Trigger Machines are the Patrangers' personal land vehicle-shaped VS Vehicles. Their personal Trigger Machines can combine with the Good Striker to form whose finishing move is the Pat Kaiser Bullet Strike.

Trigger Machine 1gou
Patren 1gou's personal Trigger Machine with a six-wheel mode.

Trigger Machine 2gou
Patren 2gou's personal Trigger Machine with a built-in Trigger Cannon.

Trigger Machine 3gou
Patren 3gou's personal Trigger Machine with a built-in police baton.

Trigger Machine Biker
A police motorcycle-themed Trigger Machine with its front wheel capable of acting as a yo-yo. By setting it on the VS Changer, a Patranger can perform the Biker Repelling Cannon finishing move. Originally in possession of GSPO, the Gangler's attack on Director Hilltop's delivery forced a three-way battle between two Sentai groups and the criminal gang. The Trigger Machine Biker is hijacked by Lupin Red, who used it to rob the piloted Cyclone Dial Fighter from Patren 1gou, until it is stolen by Good Striker, who gives it back to the Patrangers.