Dial Fighters
The Dial Fighters are the Lupirangers' personal aircraft-shaped VS Vehicles that can be used to open safes. Due to the nature of the VS Vehicles, the Patrangers can also utilize said machines in battle.

Red Dial Fighter
Lupin Red's military aircraft-themed personal Dial Fighter with a built-in beam cannon.

Blue Dial Fighter
Lupin Blue's fighter-bomber-themed personal Dial Fighter with a built-in rotary cannon.

Yellow Dial Fighter
Lupin Yellow's tiltrotor personal Dial Fighter with a built-in buzz saw.

Cyclone Dial Fighter
A helicopter-themed Dial Fighter with the ability to divide its rotor and manipulate wind. Originally in possession of GSPO, the Gangler's attack on Director Hilltop's delivery forced a three-way battle between two Sentai groups and the criminal gang. Lupin Red managed to
steal the Cyclone Dial Fighter from Patren 1gou through the hijacking of Trigger Machine Biker.

Scissor Dial Fighter
A stealth bomber-themed Dial Fighter that can extend a pair of scissors to cut enemies. It can combine with the Blade Dial Fighter into a single VS Vehicle.

Blade Dial Fighter
A stealth fighter-themed Dial Fighter with a pair of retractable blades.