Debut Episode:
Voice Actor: Minako Kotobuki
Naria is Ginis' secretary and is usually tasked to bring special golden Continue Medals, Moeba Medals enhanced by Ginis' cells, to fallen Team Leaders and Players in order to revive and enlarge them. In battle, she wields the nunchaku-like Nunchacrusher that can also be used as a gun. Curious of what Quval was planning on Earth, she went down and discovered his true plans but was quickly captured and her memories were scanned by Quval as part of his assassination plot on Ginis, as well as the creation of illusory Dethgalien members such as Azald and Ginis himself. During Ginis's end game, Naria oversees the protection of the Sagitarri Ark and battled the Zyuohgers alongside a platoon of mass-produced Gifts. She enlarges herself to stop Wild Tousai Dodeka King from pulling down the Sagitarri Ark, but fails. During the Zyuohgers' final battle with Ginis, accepting her master for what he is and resolving to protect him to the very end, Naria ends up being killed by a livid Ginis as he dismissed her act of compassion towards by him as an unacceptable insult.