Debut Episode:
Voice Actor: Mitsuo Iwata
Quval is another Team Leader who enjoys making his victims suffer mentally. He is armed with the Fasticker, which has a blaster and rapier mode, the injector-like Switchusha, and the gauntlet-like Voltaic Knuckle. Players from his team tend to rely on strategy and deception. According to Bungray after scanning his memory, Quval is in fact the sole survivor of a world destroyed by the Dethgaliens and joined the organization under false pretenses to have his revenge. Quval attempted to kill the hunter when he learned of his hidden agenda, only to end up forming an alliance where he aids Bungray in his hunt for Cube Whale in return that the hunter helps him overthrow Ginis. But when the alliance falters, Quval chops off Bungray's right forearm and implants it in his own arm to gain Bangray's mind reading powers. Quval captured Naria and Misao and mounts his ambush on Ginis by creating replicas of the defeated Players, only to retreat when Ginis assumes his Shin Ginis form. During that time, he also sent a fake Misao to have the Zyuohgers to join his cause but this alliance falters when they discovered his deception. Terrified by Ginis' power, Quval decides to participate in the Blood Game and earn his forgiveness by personally killing the Zyuohgers, only to be defeated by Zyuoh Whale. Enlarged with five Continue Medals, Quval returns much stronger, powerful enough to overpower Zyuoh King Octopus, Zyuoh Wild and Dodekaioh with little effort, until Tousai Zyuoh enters the fray and the four mecha turn the tides of the battle before they recombine into Wild Tousai Dodeka King to finally destroy him.