Debut Episode:
Voice Actor: Kazuhiko Inoue
The owner of the Dethgaliens, Ginis is the host of the Blood Games, normally within the Sagittariark as he depends on its power supply. The winner of the Blood Games is chosen according to whoever amuses him the most and after Jagged's defeat by the Zyuohgers, he offers a special prize to the one who hunts them down. After seeing Zyuoh Eagle's initial transformation into Zyuoh Gorilla, Ginis captures Misao Mondo to recreate the conditions with three Zyumans, brainwashing the altered human to become an Extra Player and enforcer in the Blood Games until Yamato frees Misao from the Dethgalien's mind control. Ginis gradually became bored with the Blood Game until Bangray's arrival to Earth, allowing him to roam the Earth as his pleases until realizing his true objective, giving Naria use of Gift Custom to compete with him to capture the awakened Cube Whale. Though Naria fails in his mission, Ginis instructs her to fall back with Gift Custom memory core before it was destroyed by Dodekai-Oh. After Quval scanned Naria's memory for his weakness, Ginis was lured to Earth by Quval in order to separate him from the Sagittariark, which is the source of Ginis' power. Allying momentarily with the Zyuohgers, Quval then orders his illusory Dethgalien members to destroy Ginis. But Ginis revealed that he was always aware of Quval's deception and proceed to insert the memory core from Gift Custom, which contain Cube Whale's data, into himself. This allows him to absorbs the energy of Earth while evolving into the winged humanoid form Shin Ginis (シン・ジニス Shin Jinisu), driving off Quval after easily decimating his illusory underlings. Following Azald's death, Ginis decides to bring the 100th Blood Game to a close.

He does so by firing a giant arrow from the Sagitarri Ark right into the Earth, infusing it with his cells to start cracking the planet. The Zyuohgers manage to pull down the Sagitarri Ark down to Earth and destroy it by making it crash, but Ginis survives and challenges the Zyuohgers to a final game where they must stop him before he directly implants his cells into the planet. During the battle, his actions revealed to be a means prove himself as a superior life form, Ginis is exposed by Yamato discovers as a conglomerate of countless Moebas which reorganize themselves according to his will. Ginis is livid with his darkest secret revealed, resolving to kill everyone who has learned it along with Naria despite her desire to protect him. Ginis is then pinned down by Yamato's Great Wild Release before being defeated by the Zyuohgers' Zyuoh Final attack, reverts to his original form as he enlarges, and is destroyed for good by Wild Tousai Dodeka King's Zyuoh Dodeka Grand Final Finish.

In his original form, Ginis is twice taller than a regular human. His only known ability is to upgrading Moeba Medals into Continue Medals and deliver them to his Players to be enlarged. As Shin Ginis, his "throne" transforms into legs and he acquires wings, becoming more humanoid in form and height. His weapons include a pair of swords manifested from his arms and laser blasts from his wings. He can also enlarge Players, duplicates included, from a beam fired from his palm.