Yokai Yamabiko
Yokai Yamabiko
Debut Episode:
Voice Actor: Masaki Terasoma
A Yokai that Masakage created having a Sealing Shuriken come into contact with a payphone, able to accurately mimic others' voices and use soundwave attacks with his phone parts. Masakage gives Yamabiko the task to steal the Ninningers' Change Shurikens, phone calling Takaharu while he is alone to trick him into handing over everyone's Change Shurikens save Fuka's and Kinji's, the former proving very difficult to trick. Eventually, Shiro Ninger and Star Ninger steal back their allies' shurikens after a protracted struggle. Though defeated by Aka Ninger and Shiro Ninger, Yamabiko is enlarged before being destroyed by Shurikenzin and Bison King.