Yokai Nekomata
Yokai Nekomata
Debut Episode:
Voice Actor: Tomokazu Seki
A cat Yokai created from a Sealing Shuriken that came into contact with a watch, having the ability to travel through time and reverse his death to continuously revive himself. Nekomata was recruited by Kyuemon to help him find the End Shuriken, first going back in time to 2005 to attack Ninja Red and Hurricane Red as he believed the former possessed the End Shuriken. Though destroyed with his Sealing Shuriken taken by the Ninningers, Nekomata's ability to revive himself made him undetectable to usual Yokai sensing equipment as he helps Kyuemon by allowing himself to be destroyed by Aka Ninger and Momo Ninger to infiltrate their team's current dojo and than travel back in time to the original Igasaki Dojo. Though Nekomata is destroyed by the Igasaki siblings after his stomach clock is broken, Kyuemon revived Nekomata before he destroyed one last time by a Shiro Ninger-piloted Shurikenzin Paon.