Tank Ressha

The Tank Ressha is an auxiliary cyan armored fuel carrier train-themed Support Ressha used by the ToQgers. It is comprised of two tank cars, one of which has a cab. The Tank Ressha can extend a hose to insert into another Ressha to pump a special fuel to temporarily supercharge a Ressha's performance. The Tank Ressha was one of the Ressha that was lost from the Rainbow Line during the Shadow Line's aggressive invasion, and was found in the mountains near Oumori Station, where Bucket Shadow had attempted to take over. Despite General Schwarz's tactics when he went to grab the Ressha for himself and handily bested the ToQgers on foot when they went back for the Tank Ressha, the ToQ Ressha of this Support Ressha was found by Hikari.

Height: 6.0m
Width: 5.3m
Length: 28.4m
Weight: 230t
Speed: 550km/h
Power: 200