Stove Shadow

Designation: Gu Ha 3102-4
Dark Station: Itaigawa
Motif: Stove
Height: 199 cm (43.8m: giant)
Weight: 187 kg (411.4kg: giant)
Debut Episode: Episode 4
Voice Actor: Koichi Sakaguchi

Stove Shadow, Designated GuHa 3102-4, is armed with Coal Gravel that he blasts from his stomach to cause chaos through pain. Miss Glitta sends him out to secretly help General Schwartz by calling out the ToQGers, having him operate out of Itaigawa Dark Station to inflict pain and steal Imagination. His childish ways get in the way of his plan coming to fruition, but is given an advantage because Tokatti loses his Rainbow Pass, forcing Tokatti & Mio to be late for battles. He is eventually destroyed by the Rainbow Rush, and enlarges, assisted by two Kuliner Robos. They gain the upperhand against ToQ-Oh until the ToQgers use the Shield Ressha.