Sabre Shadow

Designation: Ne Ha 818-2
Dark Station: Kettougahara
Motif: Saber
Height: 197 cm (43.3m: giant)
Weight: 185 kg (407.0kg: giant)
Debut Episode: Episode 2
Voice Actor: Tomoyuki Shimura

Sabre Shadow, designated NeHa 818-2, is armed with the Hand Guard Sabre and the Four-Barreled Magnum handgun. Having an obsession with dueling and an intolerance for cowards, Sabre Shadow converted the Nozomigahara station into the Kettougahara Dark Station where he makes it law for everyone to duel during a particular time of day. However, Sabre Shadow loses to ToQ 1gou in a duel and enlarges to be destroyed by ToQ-Oh in another duel.