Chain Shadow

Designation: N0 Ha 1023-3
Dark Station: Shinotani
Motif: Chain
Height: 195 cm (42.9m: giant)
Weight: 201 kg (442.2kg: giant)
Debut Episode: Episode 3
Voice Actor: Junpei Morita

Chain Shadow
Designated NoHa 1023-3 carries with him the Cross Coffin that he uses to kidnap people and drain their Imagination away with the fear of death. He is sent by Madame Noa to convert the Heiwadani station into the Shinotani Dark Station and he captures Kagura while she is left behind by the Ressha. Kagura's indomitable spirit keeps her from giving up as she destroys the casket. After being destroyed by Renketsu Bazooka, his big form traps ToQ-Oh in another Cross Coffin until ToQ 1gou uses the Red Ressha to break out, with him finished off with the Fumikiriken Ressha Slash.