Car Carrier Ressha

The Car Carrier Ressha is an auxillary yellow-orange two car-carrier freight cars used by the ToQgers. One of which has a cab at the front. The CarCarrier Ressha is able to carry large items on its two levels. Its main use is carrying the Dash Cars, tiny cars for the ToQgers to use if the Rainbow Line is ever halted due to strong Shadow Line activity. The CarCarrier Ressha is even strong enough to hold the weight of the Ressha train if the Rainbow Line's tracks break. It can also function as track that the other Ressha can cross. The Car Carrier Ressha was handed out to the ToQgers to get across the Darkness by Ticket.

Height: 7.1m
Width: 5.6m
Length: 28.7m
Weight: 260t
Speed: 500km/h
Power: 120