Baron Nero

Designation: NeI 860-1
Dark Station:
Debut Episode:
Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama

Baron Nero is the acting leader of the Shadow Line, dressed as an Italian aristocrat. He has shown to be a skilled melee fighter with his Gun Stick and he can also throw his Boomerang Top Hat as a chakram or use it to shoot an energy beam. He can also use his cane as a gun like Madame Noir's umbrella. His Shadow Creeps are designated NeHa, NeShi, and NeRo and serve him by targeting multiple stations at once to bring Emperor Z into the human world. Though he is dismayed to find Emperor Z obsessed with light, he remains loyal and sees his leader's fascination as a phase. After his attempt to kill Miss Glitta after suspecting Madame Noir using the wedding to usurp Zed, he is forced to watch the events unfold. But upon seeing Zed absorb Miss Glitta from the inside, he sees reasoning in his leader's madness and resolves to help him consume all light despite becoming tired of being verbally abused by Marchioness Mork. After helping Marchioness Mork to find Zed and extinguish Miss Glitta, he ends up being mercilessly attacked by Z-Shin. Nero later returns to Castle Terminal, aiding in protecting the fortress during the final battle in a Cho-Cryner Robo before it is destroyed by BuildDai-Oh. After being mortally wounded by ToQ 6gou in a duel, Nero sacrifices himself to heal Emperor Z's injuries.