Bakudan Shadow

Dark Station:
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Bakudan Shadow, Designated NeHa 898-8, is sent by Baron Nero as a distraction to keep the ToQgers from interfering in his plans. He uses his destruction to enter the Ressha as smoke, manifesting a smaller form while producing a Clone Mini Bomb to damage the Ressha's control panel and another on Tokatti to make the ToQgers play a game. They must catch him and press the button on his head to save Tokatti, all while the Ressha races towards an oil refinery. When catching him throughout the Ressha proves too hard, Hikari uses the Blue Ressha to trick him into letting his guard down, making him believe Tokatti freed himself. After being thrown out of the Ressha while detonating, he enlarges before being destroyed by the Ressha and Diesel Ressha.